Maari Gray

Born in 1960, Maari has danced for most of her life, reaching virtuosity in the New Zealand Ballet. She has worked as a fitness instructor, a community sexual health educator, As a result of the extreme physical demands of professional Ballet, Maari has had a hip replacement. A career shift into midwifery and mortuary technician has not stopped Maari from continuing her dance practice. There is barely a program area of Tracks where Maari has not been involved: full-length performances Global Positioning, Seasons of Skin and Bark, and Chasing The MoonEn Masse  dance in public spaces; A participant in the  2019 Choreographic Development Course; a choreographer for the award-winning experimental short film project - Home BodiesSpace time Studio Residency with Lizzi Webb. She has and been chosen as a local dance artist to work alongside David to create some applied research through performance - Generating Divergence - Aging into the Unknown.