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A digital archive of the people and works of Tracks since 1988.

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1997 - 1988

Jenelle Saunders, Darren Edwards, Jordan Bretherton, Madeleine Brown and Bryn Wackett - Global Positioning 2019. Photo Duane Preston

Indigenous / First Nations

(l-r) Liam Jangala Patrick, Mazlen Jampijinpa Patrick. Photo Peter Eve

Lajamanu / Milpirri

Milpirri is a bilingual, bicultural performance that is internationally acclaimed for its community engagement and intercultural collaboration. The project is built on a relationship begun in 1988 between the Lajamanu community and Tracks Dance Company.

Milpirri Banners

This digital archive shares the knowledge behind the Milpirri banners. The banners create the backdrop for the Milpirri performance. They are a rich source of information, like a set of family coat of arms to the Warlpiri people of Lajamanu they explain the interconnectedness of people, country and culture.

Milpirri Dance Videos

Since 2005, upon the request of the community, Tracks has video documented over 101 individual dances, songs and body designs that form the bases of a digital archive.

Wuyal - Sugarbag Man

A cross-cultural project with older adults in remote, rural and regional NT communities.

All Indigenous Focused Works


Study Resources

Ethan Bowden, Bernie Trinne, Josh Mu and John Sullivan - Man Made. Photo David Hancock


To help you understand the work of this diverse dance company we have created focus windows allow you to see in. Explore: Iconic Tracks Works, Eras of Youth Dance, Older Adults Home Page, A Culturally Diverse Voice, Lajamanu / Milpirri (Indigenous), Participation Projects, Research and Development, Professional Dance and Dance On Film.

Publications, Presentations and Writings

This archive contains writings about the company and presentations delivered.

About Tracks

Tracks is a hub of expertise in community dance built on an extended history of trusted community collaboration.

Eras of Youth Dance

Since the beginning of the company our relationship to youth dance has continually evolved. In listening to community needs we have changed and adapted our programs, whilst creating artistic opportunities to participate and develop our youth dance community.

Kelly Beneforti - Mr Big. Photo Peter Eve

Older Adults

Tracks has had a consistent focus on dancing and the older adult wherever we go. We believe that our elders hold valuable cultural information that only comes from age and experience. Their wisdom guides much of what we do, ensuring our focus on dance as a whole of life activity remains core to our thinking.

Grey Panthers - A Bowls Club Wedding. Photo Mark Marcelis

A Culturally Diverse Voice

Tracks is committed to understanding the people and the place where they live. We build strong and respectful relationships with our diverse population, cultural groups and individual artists. We recognise that our community comprises people who celebrate this as a simple fact of life. Time spent in Sri Lanka, Bali, and the Philippines have been just as important as living and working in remote Aboriginal communities, giving us tangible knowledge about what it means to be an Australian today.

Max Stretton and Putu Desak Wati - In Your Blood. Photo David Hancock

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