Chasing the Moon


Charles Darwin University Theatre, Building Orange 3, Casuarina Campus, Brinkin NT 

May 20 -21, 2022
Rehearsals: March - May 2022

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New Works from this Place

Under the big tropical skies, the moon evokes images of eternal change phasing from new to old, renewal, light and dark, the gentle pull on our oceans, exploration, night-time dreams, and even lunacy. 

Think Tracks and you probably think of telling local stories, drawn from our amazing community, and resonating long after the performance. Chasing The Moon is a triple bill of new short-form works created by Tracks choreographers and presented in one exciting program. 

Creative Team

Concept: Tim Newth and David McMicken
Choreographers: Jess Devereux, Steph Spillett, David McMicken

Lighting Design: Tomm Lydiard

Recede To A Larger Orbit
Choreographer: Jessica Devereux Bio
Cast: Kelly Beneforti, Kate Mornane, Katy Moir, Piper Mules, Tara Schmidt
Music: Do Matter by Plaid, Room with a View by Rone, Memory Arc by Rival Consoles, Afgrund Vind Vand by Hviledag, Stuck in Pause by Astrid Sonne

Casting The Gentle Shadow
Choreographer David McMicken Bio
Cast: Cherrian Eecen, Jenelle Saunders, Maari Gray, Shenagh Gamble, Teresa Helm

Music: composed by David McMicken

At Night We Talk
Choreographer: Steph Spillett Bio
Cast: Annie Carter, Anokai Susi, Omaya Padmaperuma, Ruttiya McElroy, Steph Spillett
Music: AFI, Dry Ash Skin, and Silver Star by I Made Liam Budalasia. Wings of Love and nervous Ninja by James Mangohig


Production and Promotion Personnel

Production Manager: Duane Preston
Technical Operator: Michael Vernau
Soundtrack Mastering: Duane Preston
Box Office Manager: Mikaela Earnshaw
Head Steward: Sally Crawford
Promotion/Media: Adelaide Wood and Mikaela Earnshaw
Poster Image: Duane Preston
Poster Design: Backslap Design
Photographic Documentation: Duane Preston

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Celebrating the Spirit of People and the Place they Live

Tracks has developed iconic works that are local, large scale, and celebrate the spirit of individuals and groups, and the place they live.

We know that dance, based on human and creative activity, is essential in physically and emotionally reconnecting people back into their communities. Tracks is constantly evolving to meet this challenge. Our 2022  projects are nimble, and designed to minimise risk due to potential COVID lockdowns at short notice. 

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“Really enjoyed being able to come and see some deeply connective and soulful live contemporary dance in a comfortable venue in the northern suburbs. Our excitement began to build before we even arrived at the CDU Theatre, because it felt so refreshing knowing we were able to be coming from pretty much 'just around the corner' (Alawa, Jingili, Malak).  It meant that riding bikes, walking or zipping around to a bunch of audience members homes to pick them up was all very doable. I loved being in your Tracks space as an audience member.  You gave me three pieces of dance that I could just marinade in, in the darkness and cool - three pieces that yet again I was able to watch closely and see the beautiful, open and collaborative way in which they were woven together between choreographer and performer.” - Bryn Wackett

I loved seeing the diversity of ages - fabulous and affirming” - Audience member

"I was left with childhood ponderings of the moon as a place of mystery, magic and imaginings. Adult knowing’s of science and spirituality drove thoughts that make me ponder the moon’s energy‘s which can effect ocean’s , the growth of a plant and profoundly change my mood and spirit. It was the matching of these thoughts with memories of the dances being energetically propelled from a group, or drawn into the light, energized by a gesture of the other, moving in and out of action driven by individual forces or the collective action , propelled and orbited through space and time, that made it a totally satisfying hour of my life. Matching the memory of the movement, thinking and inventiveness of bodies driven by a choreographic minds, stimulated by the forces of the universe around us that has stimulated me through this following day and I imagine will remain with me for long after that." - Tim Newth

Tracks 2022


Artistic Co-Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth (Tim currently on long service leave)
Company Director: Adelaide Wood
Assoc. Artistic Director: Jessica Devereux
Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti and Steph Spillett
Production Manager: Duane Preston
Administrator: Mikaela Earnshaw and Debbie Micairan
Bookkeeper: It Figures

Committee Members

David Taylor (Chairperson), Max Dewa Stretton (Vice-Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Venaska Cheliah, Andrea Wicking, Rachael Wallis, Michael Grant, Ken Conway. David McMicken, Tim Newth, and Adelaide Wood (Ex-Officio Members)

Public Fund Trustees

Maari Gray, Will Crawford, and Lachlan Peattie


Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AM, Administrator of the Northern Territory

Company Partner

Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government

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