Steph Spillett

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Specialising in youth. Involved in diverse methods of training, facilitation and creation of performances. Provide a training ground for skill development for emerging choreographers and local dancers of diverse backgrounds. Creating opportunities for participation in dance.

Spillett began their dance journey late in high school as a curious and passionate performer and creator. Known for their big smile, energy and playful work, Spillett has predominantly facilitated small collaborative processes with movers from diverse cultural backgrounds, age and skill set. As a Darwin local Spillett has been mentored by Tracks from their teenage years up to now as a participant in the company’s Youth Development programs (Make a Dance in a Week, Dance in Cool Spaces, Year 12 Creative Arts Mentorship, Choreographic Program and Fresh Tracks). Spillett relocated to Melbourne to study dance at Deakin University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts ‘19 and completed a Diploma of Fitness and Coaching ‘16 and have merged the two since then, promoting inclusiveness, creative expression and exercise in a safe space.

Spillett has been inspired by their own journey, after working with a number of different art practitioners both interstate and overseas throughout their studies and encounters. This has led Spillett into gaining experience teaching and passing down knowledge at schools in Melbourne and across the NT. While balancing Personal Training and teaching, Spillett featured in Masters of Choreography’s showcase “Tragedies vs Comedies” 18’, Tracks Dance Company “Seasons of Skin in Bark” 21’ and currently choreographing for Tracks’ triple bill “Chasing the Moon”.

Returning home to have a greater focus on creating and performing again, Spillett is a recipient of the Arts NT- NXT Gen Grant. Which opens the opportunity for Spillett to implement their desire to facilitate projects and guide emerging artists, thus Spillett’s urge to be involved in the Tracks Youth Development Projects that paved the pathway to their artistry.