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"Tracks is an Australian institution and the way the organisation nurture people to grow and reach their potential is amazing.  In growing and reaching their potential I also include the emotional, personal and mental journey a person (takes) through being part of Tracks. There is nothing like this organisation anywhere.  What we are able to contribute this time around is so small compared to the difference you make to people’s lives." - Anthony Burridge, Tracks Donor


Delighting Audiences

For almost 30 years Tracks Dance has been delighting audiences with award winning productions telling stories anchored in Darwin and the remote community of Lajamanu, stories unique by their location but also with universal resonance, stories of war, human values, impossible love, homecoming, migration, the ages of life and our deep connection with nature.

Tracks’ annual Darwin Festival creations and biennial Milpirri Festival reflect the company’s longstanding commitment to engage with community and support the development of arts workers and dance artists in the Northern Territory.

Philanthropy has become vital to Tracks financial sustainability. Our mission is to give voice to Northern Territory culture expressed through all members of the community with a passion for movement, from the young to the old, Aboriginal and multicultural. We rely on the generosity of our donors to ensure the next generations of our dance talent continue to be nurtured. In joining Tracks Giving Program, we invite you to be game changers for the many voices who wish to make dance a part of their life.

Bequests and Legacies

Making a bequest or leaving a legacy to Tracks Dance Company in your will means you will help support contemporary dance in the Northern Territory. There are many ways to make a bequest or leave a legacy and no matter which type of gift you make, please be assured that your gift will be used to develop the vision and activities of the company.

Why we need your support

Funds raised via our Giving Program go directly toward assisting the Company to achieve its vision:

o Pursue excellence in every aspect of the company
o Create high quality dance performance experiences that are relevant to the community, and more specifically to our priority groups
o Increase local participants’ skills to create and present dance
o Develop and expand the professional and independent dance sector while providing unique Territorian opportunities
o Identify and support emerging and established dance artists including traditional and non-Western
o Provide opportunity for Alumni to return and work with Tracks in a professional capacity
o Explore working processes that further connect participants and audiences to their sense of self and the place where they live
o Introduce local and national professional dance practitioners into the Tracks philosophy
o Explore the role dance has as a whole of life activity


We greatly thank our generous donors. To see the full list of Tracks' donors click here.

If you wish to speak with us in confidence about the options and opportunities available to you relating to a gift or bequest to Tracks Dance Company please email our Administrator Debbie Micairan, or call Tracks on (08) 8941 1410.


Agnès Michelet-O'Sullivan, Amanda Leahy, Andrea Wicking, Anna Goat, Anthony Burridge, Barbara Bauert, Barbara Pitman, Barry Thomson, Bec Reid, Beth Shelton, Brazilian Samba Darwin, Brian Tucker, Bryn Wackett, Carina Burridge, Christine Reid, Cindy Brennan, Daniel Alderman, Daniel Ladlow, Darryl Butler, Diana Leeder, Don Whyte, Encore Pilates & Wellness, Felicity Wardle, Fiona Ray, Gail O'Hara, Graeme Cheater, Greg Kelly, Heather and Ian Hyde, Ian Landon, J.L Hills, Jan Conti, Jan Hastings, Jan Haste, Jay Stephens, Jo Murray, Jo Parish, Joanne Hilliard, Judy McKerr, Jurgen Schaub, Kate Mornane, Kathleen Elliot, Katrina Fong Lim, Katy Moir, Kelly Blumberg, Lillian Smith, Marita Smith, Mary Beneforti, Mary Fox, Nicole Cridland, Noya Chong Wah, Perrine Orlandini, Peter Stretton, Richard Luxton, Rob Devereux, Roslyn Henry, Sally-Anne Mason, Shannon Beneforti, Sue Camilleri, Sue Mornane, Sylvia Langford, The Norman family, Thevi Cheliah, Tiwi Tai Chi, Trevor Riddle, Venaska Cheliah, Virginia Burrow, The Grey Panthers, our Deckchair Fundraising night audiences, the Board of former Ausdance NT and the Board of Charttes.

If you wish to speak with us in confidence about the options and opportunities available to you relating to a gift or bequest to Tracks Dance Company please contact our Administrator, Debbie Micairan on (08) 8941 1410.

Judy is a Tracks donor, she supports the company in many ways. Click here to read Judy's story

The Dance of Belonging

Photo Jess Devereux

Tracks Artistic Co-Directors David McMicken and Tim Newth have conceived and directed many iconic works over the past decades. This work celebrates the spirit of individuals and groups, and the place they live.

Iconic Tracks Works

Everyone's Dance Story Starts Somewhere

Photo Jess Devereux

Working with young Territorians, has developed a stronger dance community. Drawn from diverse backgrounds our youth participants bring to Tracks an array of dance styles and experience. 

Eras of Youth Dance

A Whole of Life Activity

Photo Mark Marcelis

We believe older adults hold valuable cultural information that only comes from age and experience. Their wisdom guides much of what we do, ensuring our focus on dance as a whole of life activity remains core to our thinking.

Older Adults Home Page

A Culturally Diverse Voice

Photo David Hancock

The Northern Territory is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse places, with over 100 nationalities and around 50 social, cultural and religious organisations. Our work is enriched by all that this has to offer. 

A Culturally Diverse Voice

Moving Forward Together Hand in Hand

Photo Peter Eve

Lajamanu is an Aboriginal community about 960 kilometres south-west of Darwin. Tracks artists have been working with this community since 1988. Milpirri is a major bilingual, bicultural performance that has grown out of this creative collaboration.

Lajamanu / Milpirri Home Page

Get on the Dance Floor

Photo Duane Preston

People dance for so many different reasons. We believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy dancing, making dance, and to creatively participate in the development of their own local culture. 

Participation Projects

The Search for Innovation

Photo Duane Preston

Creating multiple pathways to engage with research and development processes; in a place where dance is culturally diverse and there is no available Tertiary dance training. This is our way of ensuring our cultural future by sourcing and supporting new and emerging dance artists. 

Research and Development

Professional Dance

Photo Duane Preston

Not only recognised for our community work but also adept at providing rich and robust dance experiences for our professional dance sector.

Professional Dance

Tracks Dance Company Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

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