Last weekend we ran a 'work in progress' showing of the five new works to be inclued in Eight to Eighty, the architecture of age.

Works were choreographed by Jess Devereux, Gary Lang, Kristy Rickert, Bryn Wackett, David McMicken, Tim Newth and cast.

We welcome the cast of EIGHT TO EIGHTY - THE ARCHITECTURE OF AGE. Isaiah Balcombe, Clarissa Blum, Yasna Delo, Lotus Emblard, Jonathan Lokangaka, Jyotsnna Ranijithkumar, Yehani Wanigaratne, Tahnee Cvirn, Ashley Dougan, Ferdie Flordeliza, Annaleigh Greenwood, Jake Kunde, Bennett Muller, Kiara Musco, Venaska Cheliah, Lauren Campbell, Darren Edwards, Ruttiya McElroy (Suansri), Kristi Renfrey, Theeradet (Teddy) Suphannabutt, Nirudya Saranga Alwis, Lailah A. Masiga, Thevi Chelliah, Ellen Hankin, Rosa Norman, Bryn Wackett, Gary Lang, David McMicken, Chandrika Munasinghe, Brendon Cabury, Carmel Alderson, Darryl Butler, Antonietta Vanzella, Punny Vegter, Linda Mansour, Barry Thomson.

In March and April, we enjoyed the company of the inimitable video artist Zoe Scoglio, who ventured from Melbourne town to balmy Darwin for a new dance film project with Tracks. Zoe created not one, but TWO stunning site-specific dance films! The first, entitled “TO SAND” was a collaboration with Tracks’ Choreographic Program participants Bilha Smith, Ashley Dougan, Deni Ranasinghe, Theeradet (Teddy) Suphannabutt, Jacqui Willcocks and Kristi Renfrey, led by Dance Animateur Jess Devereux. Movement phrases were performed up trees at Frog’s Hollow Centre for the Arts gardens and along Mindil Beach at sunset. Following one week of playing with costumes, make-up and choreography in Darwin, Zoe and Jess then ventured with their cameras to Alice Springs. They spent five days working with the fantastic Dusty Feet Dance Collective, comprising dance artists Miriam Nicholls (nee Bond), Sila Crossley and Hayley Michener. The creative team of five developed costume ideas and choreographic scores at the Alice Springs Youth Centre, then headed out to the stunning Clay Pans, a vast expanse of water, red earth and desert plains. An epic film shoot from daytime until nightfall ensued, full of laughter and mud caked bodies. The result is a dance film entitled “TO CLAY.” 

Zoe Scoglio is a media artist who creates video and sound for public, performance based and site-specific outcomes. Current work involves spontaneous collaborations and explorations into transformation and ritual. As well as her solo and commissioned works, Zoe is a collaborator and curator with Melbourne based artist-run-initiative, Tape Projects and The Gaylord Sisters.

See "TO SAND" and "TO CLAY"

Tracks' 2012 Choreographic Program is about to take flight. “Year of the Dragon,” will be an exciting two days (Mothers Day weekend May 12-13) of public showings presenting work created by Bilha Smith, Deni Ranasinghe, Ashley Dougan, Kristi Renfrey, Teddy Suphannabutt and Jacqui Wilcocks. As part of the program there will also be experimental dance-films exhibited, followed by a lively Q&A panel discussion hosted by local artists from diverse genres.  “Year of the Dragon” is happening on the lawns at Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts in Darwin.

Eight to Eighty - The Architecture of Age

Looking for local community dancers for our major performance season in August within the Darwin Festival. We are looking for dancers of all ages and from different cultural backgrounds and styles

We aim to create five performance groups focusing on age, each with about five to seven dancers. The age brackets are; 8 – 12 (primary school aged), 13 – 20 (Adolescence), 21 – 35 (Young Adults), 36 – 59 (Middle Adults), 60 - 80+(Retirees)

We are also looking for two small groups of dancers that dance in a particular style, that cross age and generation, for example a sixteen year old, a forty year old and a sixty four year old who all dance in a classical Indian style.

Auditions for aged focused groups - Saturday April 21st at Tracks Studio, Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts, 56 McMinn St

9.30am - 11.00am (for ages between 60 - 80+)
11.30am – 12.30pm (age 8 - 12)
1.00pm – 2.30pm (age 13 - 20)
3.00pm – 4.30pm (age 21 - 35)
5.00pm – 6.30pm (age 36 - 59)

For the audition we ask that you prepare a short movement study (about 1 minute) or dance that is about yourself. It should show us how you like to move. We will also be doing some activities to see how people look and work in a group scene, and to understand the themes of the performance project.

To register for the audition phone or email Tracks and let us know your age and which audition time you wish to attend by Wednesday 18th April. Email Tracks:  or Phone: 8941 1410

If you are interest in being one of the two cross generational groups or have any enquiries at all, please contact us as above. Ask to talk to David or Tim, or leave a message

For more information on Eight to Eighty - The Architecture of Age

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