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  • 29/06/2022

    The Tracks studio is a great community resource and is available for hire. Tracks Dance Company activities take priority over other bookings and secondary priority is given to dance and movement activities. The studio is also available for multi-art form rehearsals and professional development.

    Studio Features

    • 11m x 11m sprung Harlequin floor
    • Professional Harlequin Cascade Vinyl Dance Floor Surface (no hard shoes/heels permitted)
    • Full-length Mirror wall with Ballet Barre
    • Air-Conditioning
    • High-Quality Sound System
    • Access to Toilets and Showers
    • Television and DVD player can be made available on request
    • Nearby Public Parking and walking distance from CBD


    Studio hirers must be covered by their own public liability insurance and must provide a certificate of currency to Tracks.
    Thinking about running some dance workshops but don’t have public liability in place? Did you know artists can apply for one-off insurance to cover short-term liability? This sort of cover usually lasts for a week. AON, Duck for Cover, and Dancecover all provide good options.


    Contact Tracks Administrator for studio rates. Discounts may apply for Tracks Alumni and Not-For-Profit organisations.

    All hirers must complete a full induction with a Tracks staff member

    Hire Studio

    If you are interested in hiring the Tracks Studio please fill out this FORM and we will be in touch with further information. 

  • 31/03/2022

    Kyle Walmsley is our new Artist In Residence at Tracks. We caught up with him recently to pick his brain to find out a little bit more about how he feels about: Tracks, Darwin, mentors and power tools..! 

    Thanks for joining me. You applied for a Creative Fellowship and Arts Residency under the NT Arts and Culture grant program with Tracks. What is it about Tracks that inspired you for this residency?

    I've only had few interactions with Tracks through some programs, like Dead Singers Dance Society, Choreolab, or Space Time Residency. Even though in the scheme of Tracks, they're tiny pebbles in the ocean, they've been really significant experiences for me on my art practice. My background is theatre and I guess my identity as a practitioner is theatre. So it's actually quite surprising how significant an impact Tracks has had. As I thought about applying for the residency through the Arts NT program, I was keen to try and step into some beginning journey of being an arts leader in Darwin or learning more from the art leaders of Darwin. 

    With a theatre background and you've been involved with companies like Browns Mart and Corrugated Iron here in Darwin, as a local artist myself, I'm curious, how has Darwin influenced your creative practice?

    It really has! In a non naff way it has shaped me as an artist, because of so many reasons. Networking (whatever that means) is something that makes me feel ill and I don't want to do [it] and I feel like, you don't have to do it in Darwin because just living in Darwin is networking. It's just such a weird, great, interesting, bizarre melting pot of all levels of industry together. 

    So I think, how it shaped me is it's kept me humble, and hasn't allowed me to be too precious about art practice and feeling like I'm on some pedestal or better than anyone else. And I feel like it's just the kind of collaborations and opportunities that have been given here, I would never have been given or maybe if I had, if I was down south, I may have had access to them, but it would take maybe three times as long to be exposed to the same interesting, amazing kind of diverse array of artists and platforms. The communities are smaller, but a little bit more blended and less isolated, than maybe elsewhere.

    Yeah. I imagine for me, at least it keeps you a lot more grounded as well. Which leads into my next question. I believe elders and mentors are really important, to keep you grounded for professional and personal development. What are your thoughts on mentoring? And have you had any mentors and how they impacted your life?

    I would say, Sean Pardy, former Artistic Director of Browns Mart has definitely been a mentor to me, [he is] someone who is a champion of giving people a chance and allowing them to flourish, or fail as well as needed, but to ultimately learn and grow. I'm forever grateful to him for he's unequivocal kind of ‘have a go’. 

    The other person that comes to mind for me is Kate Weibel, who's a local theatre-maker, writer, director, performer, and is someone who I've been a part of processes that Kate has produced and have also been lucky enough to yet perform alongside Kate and have a really lovely moment was being able to direct her in something in 2020, at Browns Mart. 

    Lastly, curveball question. If you had to be a power tool, which one would you be and why? So for example, I would be a whipper snipper because it's whippy, it's snappy, and it keeps things neat.

    And do you feel like you are a whipper snipper or you aim to be a whipper snipper?

    I think there's just qualities about a whipper snipper that I relate to. 

    Okay. Okay. Okay. So I think an electric sander. It's because sometimes I think I don't have any ideas. I've never thought of an original idea in my life and I have nothing to offer. But what I sometimes think I'm good at is just a little helping smooth some things around the edges. I reckon I might not know how to like jackhammer something in, but I think I'm helpful in working with other power tools.

    Buffing out the rough.

    Yeah and I'm really buff.

    Thank you so much, Kyle. Amazing interview.

  • 23/02/2022

    We’re over the moon to be welcoming two new staff to Tracks!

    Stephanie Spillett as Dance Animateur, and Mikaela Earnshaw as Administrator.

    Both of these wonderful humans bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to the company, we’re thrilled to have them on board.

  • 09/11/2021

    Tracks wins 'best experimental film'  for Hombodies at the 2021 Fist Full of Films Festival Awards Night.
    The award was excepted by Duane Preston and Jess Devereux on Saturday 6th November at the Deck Chair Cinema.

    The award was supported by Darwin Visual Arts Gallery, as a result their multimedia gallery space was awarded to Tracks to show the Homebodies film during the gallery's members exhibition.

    The Gallery Installation includes the winning film, accompanied by the six films of each of the duet pairings.

    Darwin Visual Arts - Opens Friday, 26 Nov at 6 pm, and run until Saturday 11 Dec at 2 pm

    Homebodies Film

    Concept and Curation: Kelly Beneforti & Jessica Devereux

    Videography: Duane Preston

    Choreographer / Dancers: Cj Fraser Bell, Kelly Beneforti, Ricky Borg, Venaska Cheliah, Jessica Devereux, Maari Gray, Alex Jordan, Kristi Renfrey, Sheila Rose, Jenelle Saunders, Bryn Wackett, and Kyle Walmsley 
    Music: James Mangohig and Paper Toy

    Watch Homebodies the film

    Explore Homebodies the project


  • 15/10/2021

    “It was important to me to program a range of voices, who display a passion for working warmly and collaboratively. The people in this program are carving their own unique style in dance. In a platform like Fresh Tracks, they can push at the possibilities of movement to present unique, bite-sized experiences for an audience.” Jessica Devereux, Tracks Animateur & Curator of Fresh Tracks 2021

    Fresh Tracks 2021 features new works by Mave Ward, Stephanie Spillet, Marita Smith, Nicky Fearn and Sita Valadian: each artist selected for their fierce artistry and flair, and their dynamic, poetic, punchy and sensitive dance styles. 

    Mave, Steph, Nicky and Sita all participated in Tracks Choreographic Development Program 2021. Marita is a long-standing Darwin dance artist & teacher living and working in Darwin.

    Fresh Tracks features much-loved local performers Kelly Beneforti, Jordan Bretherton, Madeleine Brown, Venaska Cheliah, Jessica Devereux, Nicky Fearn, Maari Gray, Ruttiya McElroy, Jenelle Saunders, Bryn Wackett, Anokai Susi, Sita Valadian, and celebrated musicians Nick Yates and Netanela Mizrahi.

    Fresh Tracks will take place on the 4th of December at Tracks Dance Studio
    Two Shows - 2.30pm and 4.00pm


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Read about our exciting activities throughout the year. 
Tracks Works.

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