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Dance on Film


“The dance film collaborations with Mischa Baka and Zoe Scoglio, grew out of great friendships and blossomed into art at Tracks 2009 - 2014. My fondest memory of working with them both was how they each approached the creative process with such open hearts, and a strong sense of curiosity. The collaborative, experimental nature of each of their moving image practices was so exciting to me at the time. The editing both highlighted and disrupted the choreography. The films we created now hold multiple layers of meaning. They are like portraits of dancers at a time when we were interested to test ideas in unusual locations. The dance films bring special attention to energies and nuances of the dance.” Jess Devereux


A series of solo, site-responive dance experiments created in the kitchen, office, cupoards, stairwells and desktops at Tracks, exploring constriction and confined spaces. Paired with a luscious and dream-like soundtrack by Justin Ashworth, this contemplative dance film indulges in the choreography of close-ups and intimate closeness with the bodies in space. 

Featuring Sasha Lai, Ricky Borg, Alex jordan, Shaan Myall, Kelly Beneforti, Jenelle Saunders, Bree McCutcheon

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"The close-ups and outtakes featured in this film capture the personality, vibrance and hilarity that is such a huge part of the Grey Panthers group. While Mischa Baka visited us Darwin, it was during a time when I was fascinated by Tracks' costume room. Mish shot this footage with the Grey Panthers in the 80s prom dresses from Bowl’s Club Wedding, which I felt were begging for an outing.
I had been facilitating some Grey Panthers classes practising Cuban salsa, Jazz and rock’n’roll moves. As they rehearsed, chatted, debated and made dramatic gestures, Mischa directed and filmed the movement ideas further. I particularly enjoy when dancers 'mark' and remember choreography in a floppy way, concentrating or not giving 100% energy to it. I think it’s graceful and weird. This dance film aims to capture that feeling. In 2010, I was also listening to Kris Keogh’s music a lot, so I selected his title track from a recent album he'd made  and edited this footage to the music." ~Jess Devereux

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A collection of assertive hip-hop and contemporary solos performed by young Darwin dancers, in collaboration with Jess and Zoe. Each piece glows by the light of a lone fluorescent light, the movement is embedded in dark, outdoor spaces and concrete sites around Frog's Hollow. Meshing beats and luscious processed harp music from Kris Keogh, with the sounds of croaking frogs recorded on loaction. A haunting and engrossing film. 

Featuring Paul Coleman, Aleisha Boyd, Melinda Christopher, Aaron Lim and Diana Macairan 

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A reflection, by Miriam Nicholls from Dusty Feet Dance Collective
"TO CLAY was created and filmed over the course of a day, in the beautiful claypans just out of Alice Springs, which amazingly, were filled with water at the time. We loved having the opportunity to work with Jess and Zoe on the film. The collaborative nature of the project allowed us all to experiment with and incorporate different ideas and approaches to dance on film. Having the space to do this and mentors to work with was really valuable. The end of the day saw us covered in mud from head to toe, sitting on plastic bags in the car drive back, thoroughly happy from our clay pans dance!"


From the lush gardens at Frog’s Hollow, to the shallows and sands at Mindil Beach. This film, as part of the 2012 Choreographic Program unfolds to reveal creatures, moving in banyan trees, on the lawns and around the garden. Each performer designed their own fashion from the Tracks costume room. Drawing on visual trickery, using mirrors and reflected light, this film will take you visually from sunrise to sunset, and inward expression to outward energy! The amazing dancers featured are listed on the Vimeo link once you click through.

Featuring Bilha Smith, Deni Ranasinghe, Ashley Dougan, Kristi Renfrey, Teddy Suphannabutt and Jacqui Wilcocks

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Like fish swimming with ease through water, so do the human dancing forms in this film, who move in and around the striking Aquarium at Territory Wildlife Park, made possible through Jess Devereux's artist's residency. With Zoe Scoglio's evocative use of double exposure video and backlighting, this dance film feels sparkly, shadowy and experimental, and it features cameos by local dancers, fish, turtles and crocodiles. How precious nature is! Let this film wash over you like a wave, and perhaps inspire some reflection on humankind's relationship to the natural world.

Featuring Madeleine Brown, Darryl Butler, Venaska Cheliah, Jon Clarke, Tahnee Cvirn, Chandrika Munasinghe and Bryn Wackett

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Head and Hands (2014)

A simple, stark movement experiment into micro dances of the face, eyes and hands, evoking feelings of disembodiment. A duelling video puzzle.

Featuring Madeleine Brown, Darryl Butler, Venaska Cheliah, Jon Clarke, Tahnee Cvirn, Chandrika Munasinghe and Bryn Wackett

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Coming to Get Ya (2019)

It tells the story of a young person in Lajamanu who steals a car and drives out of town with friends, only to break down in the bush. As night-time closes in, and the group of friends become increasingly spooked, the law pursues them until justice is done. The song resolves with balance and harmony being restored in the community.

Featuring Jasmine Nampijinpa Burns, Shemiah Napurrula Dixon, Zane Jampijinpa Hargraves, Lindsay Jungarrayi Herbert, Trixie Nampijinpa Kelly, Kayzeanna Nakamarra Morton, Seivera Nampijinpa Robertson, Vicky Nampijinpa Robertson, Alex Jupurrula Dixon, Jude Jangala Jigili, Junior (Dudley) Japangardi Polly, Jezeniah Japanangka Poulson, Mark Jampijinpa Rose, Thelonius Japaljarri Rose, Oscar Jupurrula Simon, Jimmelia Napaljarri George, Akeam Jampijinpa Gordon, Cassandra Nakamarra James, Kiendra Nakamarra Lewis, Trisvina Nakamarra Lewis, Leo Jupurrula Patterson, Bradleyius Jupurrula Rockman, Roman Jupurrula Simon, Sheneil Napangardi Simon, Jamien Jangala Tilmouth, Prestina Napaljarri Spencer, Shanneka Nampijinpa Payton, Winona Nampijinpa Burns, Fabian Japanangka Dixon, Kunja (Zackalina) Nungarrayi Dixon, Edmond Jakamarra Gordon, Irene Nakamarra Gordon, Zacquasha Nampijinpa Gumbula, Vincent Japaljarri McDonald, Natilia Nakamarra Nelson, Fiona Napaljarri Payton, Janine Nungarrayi Penn, Tracie Napaljarri Rose, Denzel Japangardi Tasman, Norah Nungarrayi Jurrah, Natalie Nampijinpa Robertson, Joselina Napangardi Polly, Marcus Jupurrula Rockman, Jeff Jnr Jupurrula Simon, Darlene Napangardi Dixon, Xsavier Dixon and Lina Napanangka Robertson

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Jess Devereux collaborated with filmmakers Mischa Baka (2009-2010) and Zoe Scoglio (2011-2014) to make short dance films as part of the Tracks Choreographic Programs. These explorations between the dancers and filmmakers sparked a vibrant creative grow for both parties.

Tracks Dance Company Darwin Northern Territory Australia Performing Arts Lajamanu
Jess Devereux

Zoe Scoglio

Zoe is an artist who works across performance, video, sound and text in participatory, collaborative and site responsive ways. Jess and Zoe worked together over many years on Tracks dance films in Melbourne, Darwin, Berry Springs and Alice Springs, building a creative synergy and collaborative art-making process together.

Tracks Dance Company Darwin Northern Territory Australia Performing Arts Lajamanu
Zoe Scoglio. Photo Jess Devereux

Mischa Baka

"This experience with Jess at Tracks defined my own sense of self as an artist and how I work with the body in film."

Tracks Dance Company Darwin Northern Territory Australia Performing Arts Lajamanu
Mischa Baka

"Indeed, it’s often how I see dancers work, they literally throw themselves into a movement or a trajectory before they even begin to try to understand what they are doing or saying. This notion of throwing yourself into it was very important for me at the time. I was learning that the body knows much more than the mind, and that as a filmmaker it’s possible to let go of intellectual talk about feelings and motivation, and surrender that talk to the action of movement, weight, speed, closing and opening the body."

More Short Films


A short dance film made with Paul Viojan as part of Tracks inaugural Choreographic Program 2009


A short dance film made with Stevie Kirke Groves as part of Tracks inaugural Choreographic Program 2009


A short dance film made with Kathryn Lawrence as part of Tracks inaugural Choreographic Program 2009

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