Coming to Get Ya - Lajamanu Week Residency

Coming to Get Ya - Lajamanu Week Residency


    Lajamanu, Northern Territory

    May, 2019

    Making a Milpirri Music Video

    In a new and exciting extension project of the bi-lingual, bi-cultural Milpirri performance, a small Tracks team travelled to Lajamanu to work on a music video with the students from Lajamanu School and local filmmaker Maxwell Japanangka Tasman.

    Jess Devereux, who first worked in Lajamanu in 2009, returned with current Milpirri youth choreographers Kelly Beneforti and Aaron Lim for the trip. They were joined by newbie Jordan Bretherton, who jumped straight into teaching and choreographing with the kids.

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    The idea behind the video

    The concept for this project was to take one of the youth songs from the 2018 Milpirri performance and turn it into a music video, drawing on the narrative and thematic ideas that the song deals with. The song we chose is based on Warlpiri ceremonial values around Law and Justice that belong to the Red Group (Jakamarra, Nakamarra, Jupurrula, and Napurrula).

    It tells the story of a young person in Lajamanu who steals a car and drives out of town with friends, only to break down in the bush. As night-time closes in, and the group of friends become increasingly spooked, the law pursues them until justice is done. The song resolves with balance and harmony being restored in the community.

    Creative Team

    Content created by Tracks Dance Animateur Team: Kelly Beneforti, Aaron Lim, Jess Devereux, and Jordan Bretherton with Maxwell Japanangka Tasman
    Filming & Editing: Jess Devereux
    Soundtrack: Marc Peckham, with Kelly Beneforti & Rob Tremlett
    Song vocals: Lajamanu school Year 7/8/9 (2018)

    Performers: Jasmine Nampijinpa Burns, Shemiah Napurrula Dixon, Zane Jampijinpa Hargraves, Lindsay Jungarrayi Herbert, Trixie Nampijinpa Kelly, Kayzeanna Nakamarra Morton, Seivera Nampijinpa Robertson, Vicky Nampijinpa Robertson, Alex Jupurrula Dixon, Jude Jangala Jigili, Junior (Dudley) Japangardi Polly, Jezeniah Japanangka Poulson, Mark Jampijinpa Rose, Thelonius Japaljarri Rose, Oscar Jupurrula Simon, Jimmelia Napaljarri George, Akeam Jampijinpa Gordon, Cassandra Nakamarra James, Kiendra Nakamarra Lewis, Trisvina Nakamarra Lewis, Leo Jupurrula Patterson, Bradleyius Jupurrula Rockman, Roman Jupurrula Simon, Sheneil Napangardi Simon, Jamien Jangala Tilmouth, Prestina Napaljarri Spencer, Shanneka Nampijinpa Payton, Winona Nampijinpa Burns, Fabian Japanangka Dixon, Kunja (Zackalina) Nungarrayi Dixon, Edmond Jakamarra Gordon, Irene Nakamarra Gordon, Zacquasha Nampijinpa Gumbula, Vincent Japaljarri McDonald, Natalia Nakamarra Nelson, Fiona Napaljarri Payton, Janine Nungarrayi Penn, Tracie Napaljarri Rose, Denzel Japangardi Tasman, Norah Nungarrayi Jurrah, Natalie Nampijinpa Robertson, Joselina Napangardi Polly, Marcus Jupurrula Rockman, Jeff Jnr Jupurrula Simon, Darlene Napangardi Dixon, Xavier Dixon and Lina Napanangka Robertson

    Thank you

    Lajamanu School

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    Project Partners

    Newmont Goldcorp

    Tracks 2019

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    Company Director: Adelaide Wood
    Administrator: Jessica Mellor
    Production Manager: Duane Preston
    Dance Animateur: Kelly Beneforti
    Associate Artistic Director: Jess Devereux
    Bookkeeper: It Figures

    Committee Members: David Taylor (Chairperson), Mary Durack (Outgoing Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Michael Grant, Ken Conway, Venaska Cheliah, Sudha Coutinho, Max Dewa Stretton. David McMicken, Tim Newth and Adelaide Wood (Ex-Officio Members)

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    Lyrics to red group song, Milpirri 2018
    Self timed photo (l-r) Maxwell Japanangka Tasman, Aaron Lim, Kelly Beneforti, Jordan Bretherton, Jess Devereux.
    Photo Jess Devereux. Students and teachers from Lajamanu school in dance class.
    Photo Jess Devereux (l-r) Jordan Bretherton with his Warlpiri skin group family tree
    Photo Jess Devereux

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