All Choreographic Programs

All Choreographic Programs

Choreographic Development Program (2009 - current)

The Choreographic Program provides an opportunity for emerging movement artists and dance-makers to explore the mechanics and creative scope of choreography in an in-depth and process-led environment. The program encourages participants to develop their individual artistry within the supportive framework of an established company. The program is aimed at the tertiary entrance level.

Program Facilitators: Kelly Beneforti and Jess Devereux. Photo Duane Preston

Where is the Line 

Where is the Line - Paul Viojan. Photo Mischa Baka

Choreographic Program 2009 

Choreographers: Ricky Borg, Stevie Kirk-Groves, Sasha Lai, Kathryn Lawrence, Corina Nichols and Paul Viojan.


Unravel - Sasha Lai, Jenelle Saunders, Shaan Myall and Ricky Borg. Photo Jess Devereux

Choreographic Program 2010

Choreographers: Ricky Borg, Sasha Lai, Alex Jordan, Jenelle Saunders, Bree McCutcheon, Kelly Beneforti and Shaan Myall.


Collision - Diana Macaira and Melinda Christopher. Photo Jess Devereux

Choreographic Program 2011

Choreographers: Aleisha Boyd, Melinda Christopher, Paul Coleman, Aaron Lim and Diana Macairan.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon - Kristi Renfrey and Deni Ranasinghe. Photo Jess Devereux

Choreographic Program 2012

Choreographers: Deni Ranasinghe, Jacqui Wilcocks, Ashley Dougan, Kristi Renfrey, Theeradet (Teddy) Suphannabutt and Bilha Smith.

Double Exposure

Double Exposure - Chandrika Munasinghe. Photo Jess Devereux

Choreographic Program 2014

Choreographers: Maddy Brown, Darryl Butler, Venaska Cheliah, Jon Clarke, Tahnee Cvirn, Chandrika Munasinghe and Bryn Wackett.

Engine Room

Engine Room - Darren Edwards and Risa Watanabe. Photo Kelly Beneforti.

Choreographic Program 2015

Choreographers: Will Nery, Heidi West, Darren Edwards, Chloe Lauverjon, Risa Watanabe, Kiara Musco and Leanne Eltagonde.


Dirt - Clare Scarce, Venaska Cheliah, Penny Paton and Harry Balaj. Photo Mat McHugh

Choreographic Program 2016

Choreographers: Natalie Hafsteins, Venaska Cheliah, Darryl Butler, Nikki Jeffries, Felicity Wardle, Clare Scarce and Penny Paton.

Caught Falling

Caught Falling - Haylen Duncan and Tara Schmidt. Photo Mat McHugh

Choreographic Program 2017

Choreographers: Kira Witte, Tara Schmidt, Virginia Spicer-Harden, Sheila Rose, Haylen Duncan, Anokai Lancaster and Cassandra Wallace.


Overflow - Sheila Rose, Mim Ellen-Barwell and Kyle Walmsley. Photo Duane Preston

Choreographic Program 2019

Choreographers: Sheila Rose, Cassandra Wallace, Cj Fraser Bell, Kyle Walmsley, Mim Ellen-Barwell, Bryn Wackett, Lucy Found, Maari Gray and Anokai Susi.


(l-r) Jessica Rabelo Amaral and Jess Devereux. Photo Duane Preston

Choreographic Program 2020

Choreographers: Ellen Hankin, Thevi Chelliah, Taylah Anderson, Sarah Reuben, Sean Pardy, Jessica Rabelo Amaral, Kate Mornane, Jordi Rust and Katy Moir.


(l-r) Nicky Fearn and Mave Ward. Photo Duane Preston

Choreographic Program 2021

Choreographers: Nicky Fearn, Sita Valadian, Katy Moir, Steph Spillet, Eleni Vettos, Stephanie Thompson, Mave Ward, Felicity Wardle, Raj Pillai, Rachal Van Wyk, Kate Boston Smith, Omaya Dona Padmaperuma, Peta Goodrem and Cat Hart

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