Pivot(all) - Choreographic Program


Tracks Dance Studio, Harbour View Plaza, Darwin

Program: Aug - Nov 2020
Showing: Nov 14 - 15, 2020

Since 2009 the Choreographic Program has filled a much-needed gap in the performing arts sector in Darwin, where it is difficult to gain training and experience in the art of dance making - choreography. This is a non-accredited training course aimed at dance and movement practitioners with a strong interest in developing their artistic practice.

Creative Team

Program Co-Facilitators: Kelly Beneforti and Jess Devereux

Choreographic Artists 2020

Ellen Hankin, Thevi Chelliah, Taylah Anderson, Sarah Reuben, Sean Pardy, Jessica Rabelo Amaral, Kate Mornane, Jordi Rust and Katy Moir

Meet the Choreographers

Choreographic Showings

The culmination of the Choreographic Program was a showing of short new works by the nine choreographers. The showings included artist talks hosted by Cj Fraser Bell, Kyle Walmsley, Bryn Wackett and Maari Gray (all of whom where participants within last year's Choreographic Program). 

Running Order

It started with a stack of chairs and ended with zoom fatigue. Despite apocalypse appearances it seems connection is the theme of 2020.
Performed by: Kate, Thevi, Jess.D, Katy
Music: Finally, by CeCe Peniston

Strange things happen on the way home from work in the wet season.
Performed by: Taylah, Sarah, Jess.R.A
Music: Two Fish and an Elephant, by Khruangbin

Funk like no-one is watching because the shade they throw only fuels this cheek. 
Performed by: Kate, Jess.D, Jordi 
Music: Love Yourself, by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran (performed live by Sarah)

ROYGBIV by Taylah Anderson
How do you explain colour to someone? An emotion? A feeling? Do we all perceive colour the same way?
Performed by: Sean, Thevi, Taylah, Ellen, Jess.R.A 
Music: Created by the dancers (live and pre-recorded)

RECONNECTING by Jessica Rabelo Amaral
This dance wants to share how to adapt to all those paradoxical and ambiguous situations created by the new situation in the world. Initially it was unknown, uncertain but there are hidden opportunities to find in it. Remember you are not alone. Let’s be strong together. Reconnect to your friends and family.
Performed by: Sarah, Taylah, Jess.R.A, Jordi
Music: Love Me and River Flows in You, by Yiruma

Struggling to reach out for help and finding it hard to communicate, and realising you can ask your partner and family for support. 
Performed by: Ellen, Sean, Kate, Thevi
Music: Lean On Me, by Bill Withers

We can spend years living in an apartment two metres away from 100s of others and never meet them. Why?
Performed by: Sarah, Taylah, Katy
Music: Moon, by Sufjan Stevens, James McAlister, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner

MOVEMENTS IN SPACE by Thevi Chelliah
My piece depicts five different qualities of movement that the dancers experiment with while staying connected to the group improvisation. They are then given a confined space to explore, focusing on levels, face and hand gestures, and footwork.
Performed by: Kate, Jordi, Thevi, Jess.R.A
Music: Collection of musical sounds edited by Priya Davey

IMPERMANENCE by Kate Mornane
‘Transient, evanescent, inconstant’, our lives a tiny slice in the expanse of time. Sharing our load made all the more important. 
Performed by: Sean, Thevi, Ellen, Jordi, Jess.D, Taylah, Sarah, Jess.R.A, Katy 
Music: Magnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy, by Azu Tiwaline 

Thanks to Bryn Wackett, Cj Fraser-Bell, Maari Gray, Kyle Walmsley, Venaska Cheliah, Daniel Alderman, and Janet Phillips.

Opportunity for Choreographers

The Choreographic Program provides an opportunity for emerging movement artists and dance-makers to explore the mechanics and creative scope of choreography in a process-led environment. The program encourages participants to develop their individual artistry within the supportive framework of an established company.

Across 10 weeks, program co-facilitators Jess Devereux and Kelly Beneforti are taking participants through lively dance exploration, experimentation and creative discussion in twice-weekly workshops, fostering more confident and articulate dance artists. 

Participants will -

  • Gain skills and experience in solo and group choreographic investigations
  • Explore improvisation, movement tasks, choreographic structures and multi-artform experiments 
  • Create a short dance piece for a work-in-progress showing with a public audience
  • Work and collaborate in a small-group specialised environment 
  • Be led and supported closely through the program by Dance Animateurs Kelly Beneforti and Jess Devereux
  • Have access to the expertise of Artistic Co-Directors Tim Newth and David McMicken

This year the program began with a weekend intensive where we submerged into an immersive, rich and playful environment for choreographic creativity.

Company Partners

Tracks Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

Tracks 2020

Artistic Co-Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
Company Director: Adelaide Wood
Administrator: Jessica Mellor / Jo Shearn
Production Manager: Duane Preston
Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti and Jess Devereux
Bookkeeper: It Figures

Committee Members: Venaska Cheliah (Chairperson), Andrea Wicking (Vice Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), David Taylor, Michael Grant, Ken Conway, Max Dewa Stretton, Rachael Wallis. David McMicken, Tim Newth, Adelaide Wood (Ex-Officio Members)

Public Fund Trustees: Maari Gray, Will Crawford and Lachlan Peattie

Patron: Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AM, Administrator of the Northern Territory




What is Unique?

"Diversity: In age, backgrounds, life experience, dance experience, other artforms, expectations, and gender." - Kate Mornane

"Inclusive, safe, welcoming, warm, funny and challenging." - Kate Mornane

"A dedicated bi-weekly course that attracts participants of all different abilities and backgrounds." - Sarah Reuben

Gained from the program?

"A new way and tools to help me to visualise and conceptualize creating a story and conveying ideas and emotions with my body." - Sarah Reuben

"Everyone felt empowered to express whatever it is they wanted, so it was completely local." - Kate Mornane

"The course broke things down into smaller things, allowed people to break away from their initial responses to find something that they did not already know, and helped to conceive possibilities and to see that we could do something. This led to increased trust, confidence, and capacity to problem solve." Combined responses

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