Milpirri Banner - NGATIJIRRI (Budgerigar at Partirlirri)

Milpirri Banner - NGATIJIRRI (Budgerigar at Partirlirri)

Dreaming Design and Place

Ngatijirri (Budgerigar). Myra Nungarrayi Herbert says that this Ngatijirri Banner is the Dreaming on its home ground at Partirlirri. In this banner the crosses are tracks and the circles are ngipiri (eggs.)

Find the home-ground for this Ngatijirri on the South Tanami IPA. Either click on the "Jukuurpa Yirdiyi Kari-Yardiyi Kari" tab, or change to English and click on the "Jukurrpa map" tab. Look for Partirlirri on the West Side of the Lander River and South of the Community of Willowra. - Map

Belonging to Skin Groups

Japaljarri, Jungarrayi, Napaljarri and Nungarrayi (Yellow Group)

Drawn By

Myra Nungarrayi Herbert in 2005

See some of Nungarrayi’s other work at the National Gallery of Victoria, notice the fine dots - Photo


In Lajamanu learn more about Ngatijirri from Geoffrey Jungarrayi Barnes or Myra Nungarrayi Herbert


Ngatijirri (Budgerigar) - Photo / Information

Language Story

Ngatijirri, karnalu ngarrirni wajirrki-wajirrki. Panu kalu nyina ngatijirriji. Ngatijirri karnalu ngarrirni - yirdiji nyanunguju, nguruwaji. Kumulyurru. Ngulanya karnalu ngarrirni - yirdiji wurrkardunya: ngatijirriji, nguruwaji, kumulyurru.

We call ngatijirri those green ones. There are lots of budgerigars. We call budgerigars by the name of nguruwaji. And kumulyurru. That is what we call it - by three names: ngatijirri, nguruwaji and kumulyurru.

Ngatijirri, ngulaji ka nyina - yukuri-yukuriyijala. Lapajipiya. Witalku. Ngatijirri - kumulyurru. Ngulaji ka nyina lirra narntirnkiyijala. Kaninjarrakarijala - yiripardu wita. Wilypirirlayijala ka nyina. Kurduju. Ngatijirriji. Manu kalu wiriwirirlangukula wilypirirla nyina. Yukami wilypirirlayijala. Nguruwanayijala kalu wapa, paarr-pardinjala, walyangka kalu pirri-mani, watiyarla kalu nyina - ngulajangka kalu - yalkirirlalku wapa. Paarr-pardinjarla.
The budgerigar is also green like the Port Lincoln Ringneck (lapaji). But it is smaller. It is called kumulyurru. It also has a curved beak. One that is turned downwards and which is small and sharp pointed. The young budgerigars live inside the hollow parts of trees. And so even do the adult ones. They go inside the hollow trees. They fly in the sky too, after taking off from the ground. Then they land on the ground, or they perch in trees, and then they fly in the sky.

Dictionary Source: Laughren, M., K. L. Hale, and Warlpiri Lexicology Group, 2005 Warlpiri-English Encyclopaedic Dictionary. (Accessed Via Kirrkirr Interface to Electronic Files.) University of Queensland

Super Abundance

After good rains ‘ngatijirri’ can successfully breed several times, resulting in an explosion of the population in a short time.

A massive flocks of budgies being attacked by a black falcon - Video

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Myra Nungarrayi Herbert with her original painting which the banner was based on. Lajamanu 2005. Photo David McMicken
Ngatijirri (Budgerigar).
Judy Napaljarri Walker painted up with Ngatijirri design, Milpirri 2012. Photo by Peter Eve
Yellow group women Lily Nungarrayi Hargraves (dec), Judy Napaljarri Walker and Myra Nungarrayi Herbert dancing towards the Ngatijirri banner in Milpirri 2005. Photo Robert Cater
Warlpiri sign Language for Ngatijirri (Budgerigar). Source: Source: Wright, Cheryl (1980) Warlpiri hand talk: an illustrated dictionary of hand signs used by the Warlpiri people of Central Australia Darwin: Northern Territory Dept. of Education, c1980

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