Northern Territory Performing Arts Awards

2023 Awards

Established in 2019 by the We3 Alliance, an initiative of Tracks Dance, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts and Brown’s Mart Arts, the NT Performing Arts Awards are now presented by the NT Government to recognise excellence, spirit, community impact and legacy in the Northern Territory's performing arts sector. The 2023 Northern Territory (NT) Performing Arts Awards recognised outstanding achievement on stage and behind the scenes, as well as those who educate and inspire. The peer-judged awards celebrated the people who make a creative difference to the NT community by honouring talented and inspiring artists and arts-workers who have made an impact in dance, music, theatre, musical theatre, opera, circus, physical theatre and comedy. The awards ceremony presenting the winners of the award categories took place in Darwin on Monday 20 November 2023.

2021 Awards

On Friday 12 November, the third annual NT Performing Arts Awards (NTPAA) were held at Darwin Entertainment Centre to celebrate the Territory's booming performing arts industry. Identifying a lack of acknowledgement in the NT performing arts space, the awards were developed by We3 – a strategic alliance made up of Brown’s Mart, Tracks Dance Company and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts.

Presented by Ben Graetz and Kyle Walmsley, the 2021 NTPAA attracted a record number of nominations, with seven awards going out on the evening. Huge congratulations to all nominees and awards recipients!

Awards Recipients

  • Richard Fejo
  • Nicky Fearn
  • Cj Fraser Bell
  • Michael Vernau
  • Haneen Martin
  • Marita Smith
  • Special Award Winner - Ken Conway

Video Message The Hon Chansey Paech, Minister for the Arts, Culture and Heritage

Performance by Lena Kellie (Brown’s Mart), Bethany White (Corrugated Iron) and Maddy Brown (Tracks)

Thank you to Off the Leash (Media Partner) and Darwin Entertainment Centre (Venue Partner)

(l-r) Kyle Walmsley, Marita Smith, Haneen Martin, Ken Conway, Michael Vernau, Richard Fejo, Ben Graetz, Nicky Fearn and Cj Fraser Bell. Photo Duane Preston


Alice Cotton, Alyson Evans, Ang O'Donnell, Angus Robson, Anna Weekes, Brad Fawcett, Ciella Williams, Cj Fraser-Bell, Claire Kilgariff, Courtenay Edwards, Danielle Acquilina, Danielle Andrews, David McMicken, Grace Donohoe, Haneen Martin, Hannah Illingworth, Iona Francis, Jack MacMillan, Jahquavis, James Emery, Jean Eddy Moutou, Jenelle Saunders, Jeremy "Fish" Lassemillante, Jess Devereux, Jordan Bretherton, Kate Kelly, Ken Conway, Kostantine Hatzivalsamis, Kristina Kidd, Kristy Love, Laurie May, Lisa Heath, Lucy Found, Madeleine Brown, Marita Smith, Mark Holman, Mary Anne Butler, Michael Vernau, Millie Devine, Mish Dott, Nicky Fearn, Nikki Jeffries, Richard Fejo, Ron Roberts, Sarah Reuben, Scarlet Ribbon, Sean Guy, Tahnee Cvirn, Tania Lieman, Tara Murphy, Thomas Lydiard, Thomas Midena, Tiffany Maree Jansen, Trevor Jenkins, Wayne Vella and Will Crawford

Celebrating Achievement in the Performing Arts

Through their strategic alliance (We3), Brown’s Mart, Tracks Dance Company and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts wish to publicly recognise and celebrate the value and achievement of the individuals who contribute to the Performing Arts in the Northern Territory.

Compared to national standards the Northern Territory punches well above its weight when it comes to the Performing Arts, a valuable contributor to the local economy. These three organisations exemplify this. In 2018, when We3 was formed, the three organisations employed over 250 artists and arts workers, and each of them leveraged their funding from the Northern Territory Government four fold, meaning that the local economy was boosted with funds brought in from interstate, and through philanthropy, sponsorship, and other business activities.

The 2020 creative Industries Strategy NT 2020-2024 report found:

Creative Industries economic contribution to the NT is $735.4 Million dollars per annum. Equivalent to 2% of Gross State Product, which might seem small but put in perspective in 2018/2019 Gross State Product saw Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries contributed 0.7%. 

Creative Industries NT creates employment equivalent to 2,392 full-time jobs – in the same period established industries such as agribusiness create 1,600 jobs. The impact of this sector on the NT fosters social cohesion in our community, is experienced through vibrant liveability and is seen through strong visitor appeal and tourism.  

And so, the We3 alliance wishes to celebrate these achievements by recognising the individuals who play essential roles in this overachieving industry.

Nominations for the 2021 NT Performing Arts Awards open on 1 July and close on 18 October. The Awards will take place in November.

What is We3? And where it all began!

2020 Awards

The 2020 NT Performing Arts Award Night was held on Monday 9 November at the Darwin Entertainment Centre. The event was  coincided with the sector forum ENGAGE 2020. 

There were 69 nominations for 41 amazing performing arts workers, from behind the scene, significant contributions, out front and performing, or making the art as a creative, inspiring the next generation. There were 16 men and 22 women. Nominations came for Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Batchelor and Darwin, for workers in dance, theatre, circus, music, youth and seniors, Indigenous and culturally diverse.

On the night we celebrated the achievements of nine outstanding individuals:

  • Amy Hetherington
  • Ben Graetz 
  • Bryn Wackett 
  • Kyle Walmsley
  • Matty McHugh 
  • Putu Desak Wati
  • Sarah Calver 
  • Steve Kidd
  • Virginia Heydon

Hosted by Jane Tonkin (Corrugated Iron), David McMicken (Tracks) and Sean Pardy (Brown’s Mart). Performance by Gail Evan with Nicky Fern and Shalom Kaa.

(l-r) Matty McHugh, Amy Hetherington, Putu Desak Wati, Sarah Calver and Bryn Wackett. Photo Duane Preston 


Amy Hetherington, Andrew Cook, Brad Fawcett, Ben Graetz, Bryn Wackett, Cat Hart, Ciella Williams, Circosis, Darryl Butler,  Debbie Horgan, Desert Diamonds, Darwin Divine Dancers, Ferdinan Stan,  Jane Tonkin,  Jenelle Saunders, Katharina Fehringer, Kyle Walmsley, Kelly Beneforti, Lord Ndoro, Laurie May, Madeleine Brown, Marsvilla, Millie Divine, Morgan Lockhart, Matty McHugh, Michael Vernau, Mel Little, Miki Ensbey, Putu Desak Wati, Richard Fejo, Rodney Nyandoro, Sarah Calver, Steve Kidd, Sarah Reuben, Tessa Rose, Tomm Lydiard, Tiffany Jansen, Tegan Hughes, Virginia Heydon,  Will Crawford and Yolanda Davidge

2019 Awards

On 13 December, 2019 We3 chose to celebrate six artists in the Inaugural NT Performing Arts Awards.

With the performing arts being such an important part of telling the Northern Territory story, we are excited to celebrate the people behind the scenes and in the spotlight. In no particular order in 2019 we celebrate:

  • Anders Pfeiffer
  • Chris Kluge
  • Gail Evans
  • Gary Lang & WA Ballet Collaboration
  • Joanna Noonan
  • Shalom Kaa

Hosted by Jane Tonkin (Corrugated Iron), David McMicken (Tracks) and Sean Pardy (Brown’s Mart).

Photo Duane Preston


Anders Pfeiffer, Bryn Wackett, Chris Kluge, Ciella Williams, CJ Fraser bell, Daniel Andrews, Fred Van’t Sand, Gail Evans, Gary Lang and WA Ballet, Jess Devereux, Joanna Noonan, Kadek Hobman, Kelly Beneforti, Kyle Walmsley, Lori Udon, Maari Gray, Matthew Van Roden, Michael Denigan, Nicky Fearn, Party Passport and Accomplice, Rachael Chisolm, Sarah Calver, Sarah Scrutton, Shalom Kaa, Tania Lieman, Tim Newth and David McMicken, and Yolanda Bell.


Nominations are open for individuals who play a vital role in the Northern Territory performing arts sector through their courage, achievement and inspiration.

2021 Nominations open early in the year.


  • Performers- anyone on stage 
  • Creatives - choreographers, directors, writers, designers, producers 
  • Behind the scenes - technicians, stage managers, project co-ordinators 
  • Significant Contribution - a body of work or a lifetime contribution 
  • Inspiring the next generation - Teachers, workshops facilitators 
  • Something else - We don't want to leave anyone behind, so if the person fits another category that is not above tick this box 

There are no limits to the number of nominations you can make. If you see a performer you like during a festival or at an NT venue, know of a designer who is creating amazing work, want to give credit to a production person who goes above and beyond the call of duty, or perhaps someone you know who is inspiring the next generation of NT performing artists, then nominate them for an Award.

Awards Night

The next Northern Territory Performing Arts Award Night is scheduled for the end of 2021. We would love to see you there to celebrate our wonderful community and people.

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Photo Duane Preston

Awarded 2021

Richard Fejo
Nicky Fearn
Cj Fraser Bell
Michael Vernau
Haneen Martin
Marita Smith
Ken Conway

Photos Duane Preston.

Awarded 2020

Amy Hetherington
Ben Graetz
Bryn Wackett
Kyle Walmsley
Matty McHugh
Putu Desak Wati
Sarah Calver
Steve Kidd
Virginia Heydon

Photos Duane Preston, Jill Jansons.

Awarded 2019

Anders Pfeiffer
Chris Kluge
Gary Lang
Gail Evans
Joanna Noonan
Shalom Kaa

Photos Milly Moments Photography, Duane Preston, Charlie Bliss and Mark Marcelis