Choreolab 2022


Choreographic Program - Choreolab 2022 - How We Make Dance

Tracks Studio
Workshop Program: 24th August - 30th October
Public Showings: October 29 - 30, 2022

Choreographic Workshops

Choreolab provides a yearly opportunity for emerging movement artists and makers to explore the mechanics and creative scope of choreography in an artistically rich environment. A collaborative approach is made to the facilitation of the course, this year there were two core facilitators and two guest facilitators.

The 2023 Choreolab Program began with a weekend intensive where participants were immersed in a  rich and playful environment for choreographic enquiry. Followed by 10 weeks of 2 sessions per week (60 Hours total) allowing for a rich time of process-driven, self and group exploration of diverse creative tasks and entrances into the art of choreography. The final weeks were spent creating a showing of selected processes and activities that were presented publically.

The program is aimed at people with some level of experience in dance or movement (in any style) or with a current art practice, and curiosity about the choreographic craft. 

Choreolab Showings

How We Make Dance 
Saturday 29th October 1:30pm and 4pm
Sunday 30th October 1:30pm and 4pm
$10 Full | $5 Conc
Tracks Studio 8 McMinn St, Darwin


Tuning Score
Kelly's Group Dance
Evolution / Twins
Toss Of A Coin
Word Pair Dance
Whispering String
Spillet's Group Dance

Creative Team

Program Facilitators: Steph Spillett and Kelly Beneforti
Guest Facilitators: Nicky Fearn, Jess Devereux
2022 Participating Artists: Crystal Thomas, Flynn, Renee Chan, Courts Edwards, Cherrian Eecen, Anita Afford, Jedda Scott, Natina Demetriou

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"A rare opportunity to just be creative; no grants, marketing, production chats or anything else" - Cj Fraser-Bell

"I think the program enabled us to express ourselves in new ways, creating a commentary of identity and place that did not exist for us in Darwin prior to the is a joyous experience" - Mim Ellen-Barwell

"I gained a discipline and regularity of creating, an exercising of skills of objective ego-less reflection on creation, and new vocabularies for movement, devising, teaching and performing" - Kyle Walmsley

"It was such a positive and safe space. Tracks has got such a long history of working with different people in such enabling, positive and beautiful ways... The gentleness, the lack of judgement, but very clear direction, and solid shaping and input, was a treasure." Nicky Fearn

Explore Further

Choreographic Investigation

The first Choreographic Development Program in 2009 had a strong youth focus, growing out of there being no Territory Dance training offered in the Northern Territory. Later programs attracted a diversity of artists from differing artforms and at different stages in their careers.

Past Choreographic Programs

The Search for Innovation

Tracks creates multiple pathways to engage with relevant Northern Territory choreographic research and development processes; in a place where dance is culturally diverse and there is no available Tertiary dance training. Predominantly studio-based choreographic laboratory work, this is a way of ensuring our cultural future by sourcing and supporting new and emerging dance artists.

Research and Development Programs


Tracks 2022


Artistic Co-Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth (Tim currently on long service leave)
Company Director: Adelaide Wood
Assoc. Artistic Director: Jessica Devereux
Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti & Steph Spillett
Production Manager: Duane Preston
Administrator: Mikaela Earnshaw and Debbie Micairan
Bookkeeper: It Figures

Committee Members

David Taylor (Chairperson), Max Dewa Stretton (Vice-Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Venaska Cheliah, Andrea Wicking, Rachael Wallis, Michael Grant, Ken Conway. David McMicken, Tim Newth, and Adelaide Wood (Ex-Officio Members)

Public Fund Trustees

Maari Gray, Will Crawford, and Lachlan Peattie


Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AM, Administrator of the Northern Territory

Company Partner

Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government

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