Two Fold Journey


Jingili Water Gardens

May 19, 2000

An exciting project that brought together young dancers and emerging choreographers. Conceived by Sri Lankan born dancer Rukshana Ramachandran, the issues raised are firmly based in the reality of her own ever-unfolding journey.

For many of Darwin’s young people there are two folds to their own journey. The complexities of growing up in Darwin creates its own twists and turns. If you or your family come from another place, especially another culture, an entirely different set of happenings enfolds you. TWO FOLD JOURNEY explores points of meeting and divergence.

Creative Personnel

Conception: Rukshana Ramachandran
Producers and Directors: Tim Newth, David McMicken
Choreographers: Betchay Mondragon, Rukshana Ramachandran, Joanna Noonan, Julia Quinn, David McMicken
Additional Design: Joanna Barrkman (Sticks ‘n’ Stones)

Lighting: Neil Macknight
Sound Engineer: Ken Hutton, Kakadu Studios


Allyson Arjibuk Mills, Josephine Thoma, Esperanza Estelle Quindara, Dana Rose Dizon, Margie Dizon, Roman Micairan, Jun Marquez, Benedict Slandanan, Carl Stinton, Susana Dizon, Karajayne Handberg, Vanessa Marquez, Jolanda George, Papri Saleh, Carolyn Dunkley, Matthew Dunkle, Bryn Gese

Performance Groups

Tracks Youth Dance Leaders
Juniper Tree Dance Company (Juliette Hubbard, Angela Robertson, Jolanda George, Stephanie Quinn, Sid Vemuri, Ernst George, Tara Roberston, Aerin Langworth, Julia Quinn)
Kilos Kultura - Filipino Performing Ensemble
Darwin High School
Nightcliff Secondary School
Darwin High School Intensive English
NT International Buddhist Temple

Tracks 2000

Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
Office Administration: Heather Richards
Bookkeeper: Lynn Bramham
Production Manager: Eunice De Ramos

Committee Members:  David Taylor (Chair), Jackie Wurm (Vice-Chair), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Rukshana Ramachandran (Secretary/Public Officer), Ken Conway, Kay Brown, Tania Lieman (Ordinary Committee Members), David McMicken and Tim Newth (Ex-Officio Members)


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"Journey of a lifetime." NT News

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