The Gun Turrett, East Point Reserve, Darwin

    May 15 - 18 & 21 - 24, 2008

    Winner of the 2009 Australian Dance Award

    for Outstanding Achievement in Youth or Community Dance

    Struck opens in the early 1940’s Darwin. With war upon our shores, we follow the paths of two young lovers - a pretty Darwin nurse and an Allied American soldier. While it is natural that lovely and attractive girls should keep themselves looking fresh and always be ready to entertain our valiant fighting men, it is preferable that they do not succumb to the silk stockings and new fashions of the Americans.

    Directors' Notes

    We began with the idea of thrusting ballet alongside hip-hop in a Darwin-style Romeo and Juliet extravaganza. Setting the show around February 1942, a time when Darwin was a strategic harbour for American warships, and was subsequently bombed, the show would feature young lovers, some tragic consequences, and a bit of Darwin's history. Clearly, we needed an energetic and versatile cast with a passion for telling the story. We ended up with Struck, an ambitious work with a cast of forty dancers, four choreographers, and multiple dance forms, from new forms of swing, through contemporary, to old (s)kool hip-hop and break. Set with the WWII gun turret (at East Point Reserve) as the backdrop, the cast of Darwin’s finest youth performers more than rose to the demanding challenges placed upon them by their creative team. A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this unique Darwin show into such a spectacular evening of dancing entertainment!

    Creative Personnel

    Concept and Direction: David McMicken, Tim Newth
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan, Nick Power, Julia Quinn, David McMicken
    Youth Dance Animateur: Erwin Fenis
    Original Music / Soundtrack: David McMicken
    Design: Tim Newth
    Costumes: Ann Gibb
    Lighting Designer: Andrew Dudley

    Production and Promotions Personnel

    Production and Stage Manager: Suzi Cordell
    Stage Manager and Sound Operator: Kelly Blumberg
    Sound Engineer: Matthew Cunliffe
    Front of House Manager: Nicola Jackson
    Lighting Operator: Tristan Bourke
    Stage Hands: Sarah Sutcliffe, Gabriella Austin, Gail Evans,
    Stage Design and Construction: Don Whyte, Don Whyte Framing
    Promotions and Publicity: Fiona Carter, Ciella Williams
    Poster Image and Design: Mark Marcelis
    Graphic Design: Narelle Sullivan
    Photographic Documentation: Peter Eve
    Film Documentation: Cutting Edge (Todd Williams, Ian Redfearn, Andy Hyde and Katie Saunders)


    Darwin Mob: * Vera Tabuzo, * Koel Wrigley, * Paul Viojan, * Karajayne Handberg, * Kathryn Lawrence, * Rachael Pen-Dennis, * Ricky Borg, Xavier Burrow, Ciella Williams, Poppy Kathopoulis, Beau Ruutz, Cameron Goodman, Shaan Myall, Tegan Barrett-McGuin, Elle Chandler, Corina Nichols, Chloe Lauverjon, Rachel Ortner, Stevie Kirke-Groves, Alexandra Presswell, Katena Valastro, Emma Folley, Jessica Pritchard, Kate Boyd, Elle Megaw, Brittany Mather, Jensine Rickert, Madelaine Cvirn, Taylor Hailes, Flori Latif
    American Servicemen:* Imanuel Dado,* Erwin Fenis, * John Rigas, Andy Lay, Aaron Lim, Grant Nery, Caleb Japanangka Patrick, Sean Bourke
    * Core Dancers


    • Darwin Hospital – Waiting for the war to arrive
    • American Servicemen in training
    • A Happy Family
    • Going Out Dancing – Wartime entertainments
    • American Servicemen Intimidate the Locals Boys
    • Darwin Hospital - Bombing of Darwin
    • American Servicemen in Action
    • Back at the Dance – The Americans R&R
    • Love Duet
    • The Killing Machine
    • The Last Dance
    • The Fight
    • A Love Triangle

    Tracks 2008

    Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
    General Manager: Fiona Carter
    Dance Animateur: Julia Quinn
    Administrative Assistant: Ciella Williams, Gail Evans
    Bookkeeper: Julie Ann Stark
    Development Consultant: Suzanne Fermanis

    Committee Members: (Chair) Jill MacAndrew, (Vice-Chair) David Taylor, (Treasurer) Glenn Bernardin, (Secretary/Public Officer) Traci Keys, (Ordinary Committee Members) Ken Conway, Nick Papandonakis, Donna Quong, (Ex-Officio Members) David McMicken and Tim Newth

    Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Paul Wan

    Photo: Peter Eve.The Setting.
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Paul Viojan, Beau Ruutz, Xavier Burrow, Cameron Goodman, Ricky Borg, Alexandra Presswell, Emma Folley, Koel Wrigley, Karajayne Handberg, Katena Valastro, Elle Chandler, Shaan Myall, Jessica Pritchard, Poppy Kathopoulis, Tegan Barrett-McGuin, Chloe Lauverjon, Stevie Kirk-Groves, Rachael Pen-Dennis, Rachel Ortner, Vera Tabuzo, Corina Nichols, Kathryn Lawrence, Ciella Williams.
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Vera Tabuzo, Paul Viojan, Poppy Kathopoulis, Tegan Barrett-McGuin
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Rachael Pen-Dennis, Koel Wrigley, Vera Tabuzo, Kathryn Lawrence, Karajayne Handberg
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Vera Tabuzo
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: John Rigas, Imanuel Dado, Erwn Fenis, Koel Wrigley
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Paul Viojan, Elle Megaw, Ciella Williams, Kathryn Lawrence, Stevie Kirke-Groves, Chloe Lauverjon, Alexandra Presswell, Madelaine Cvirn, Cameron Goodman, Katena Valastro
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Karajayne Handberg, Vera Tabuzo
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Grant Nery, Sean Bourke, Imanuel Dado, Aaron Lim, John Rigas, Andy Lay, Caleb Japanangka Patrick, Erwin Fenis
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Sean Bourke, Erwin Fenis
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Grant Nery, John Rigas, Sean Bourke, Erwin Fenis, Imanuel Dado
    Photo: Peter Eve. Front row l - r: Paul Viojan, Rachael Pen-Dennis, Kathryn Lawrence, Ricky Borg, Karajayne Handberg, John Rigas
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Vera Tabuzo and Imanuel Dado
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Sean Bourke, John Rigas, Andy Lay, Erwin Fenis, Imanuel Dado, Ricky Borg, Koel Wrigley, Paul Viojan, Vera Tabuzo
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Imanuel Dado
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Caleb Japanangka Patrick, Grant Nery, Sean Bourke
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: John Rigas
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Imanuel Dado, Vera Tabuzo
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Cameron Goodman, Paul Viojan, Vera Tabuzo, Imanuel Dado
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Paul Viojan, Vera Tabuzo, Imanuel Dado
    Photo: Peter Eve. l - r: Paul Viojan, Vera Tabuzo

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    Media Response

    "I have two words to say about Struck … “see it.”  Geri Flynn, The Darwin Sun

    Audience Response

    “I had never seen a set with such beautiful lighting, especially in a place so far from an actual theatre.”

    “Very captivating and found myself holding back tears more than once.”

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