Open House

Open House


    Brown's Mart Theatre, Darwin City

    April 18, 1993

    Welcome to the first Open House, an evening of dance with a difference. What you are about to see are “draft” works by various local artists and community groups, devised as a way for people to present short works and works in progress, rather than waiting for full production. It is rare to see dance in this work-in-progress stage and for many it is a new experience. Most of us understand a visual artist and how they often do sketches first; similarly, dance sketches are often hauntingly beautiful in their simplicity and rawness.

    It also allowed artists to gather feedback before proceeding further. This gave the audience a chance to talk to the artists and see how they work, what makes them tick, why they do what they do, how they go about making a dance, and what do the dancers think about it all? Brown's Mart Community Dance program provided administrative, technical and production support to various community dance groups. The final collection was of fourteen short new works. The theatre only seats 85 people but we managed to fit in 120, such was the interest in this style of work.

    Creative Personnel

    Coordinators: Sarah Calver & David McMicken
    Lighting Design and Technician: Matthew James
    Photography: Lizard

    Front of House: Helen Haritos


    Darwin Dance Mob – Kids Group, Adults, Older Adults (Grey Panthers), Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre Group and dance group, Lisa Campbell, Emmanuelle Ferrieux, Casuarina Secondary College Dance Students, Scottish dancers, Stephen de Souzo, Local Troupe


    Hello, How Are You, And What Is Your Name? An improvised gesture dance.
    Performers: Cast and Audience

    Yes Lets
    Performers: Darwin Dance Mob, Kids Group
    Choreography: Sarah Calver and group
    Music: Kolo Kolo Kolo – Bobby McFerrin

    Bugs N Things
    Performers: Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre Dance Group
    Choreography: David McMicken, Sarah Calver and group
    Music: Sing Sing – Not Drowning, Waving

    Scary Scary Night
    Performers: Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre
    Choreography: David McMicken and group
    Music: Of These Hope – Peter Gabriel

    Poetic Reflections
    Choreographed and performed by: Lisa Campbell
    Poem: Jim Morrison

    Little Miss Riding Hood
    Performers: Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre
    Choreography: David McMicken and group
    Music: Yes Sir I Can Boogie – Not Drowning, Waving.

    Esther Who?
    Performers: Dance Mob, Older Adults (Grey Panthers)
    Choreography: Sarah Calver, David McMicken and group
    Music: This Time The Dream’s On Me – Ella Fitzgerald

    The Song of Nature
    Choreographed and performed by: Emmanuelle Ferrieux

    Look Inside
    Performers: Dance Mob, Adults Group
    Choreography: Sarah Calver, David McMicken and group
    Music: Drumming – Steve Reiche

    Symbols of Life
    Performers: Casuarina Secondary College Dance Students
    Choreography: David McMicken and group
    Music: Robert Lloyd

    Scottish Dancing
    Performers: The Scottish Dance group

    Sister Act Take II
    Performers: Dance Mob, Older Adults (Grey Panthers)
    Choreography: Sarah Calver
    Music: Hail Holy Queen – Sister Act Motion Picture Sound Track

    If You’re
    Choreographed and performed by: Stephen de Souza

    A Glimpse of Chaos
    Performers: Local Troupe
    Choreography: David McMicken and group
    Music: Laurie Anderson, Deep Forest, and Peter Gabriel


    Brown’s Mart Community Arts Dance Development Offices: Sarah Calver, David McMicken

    [Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

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    “Young and old dance with delight. Twin sisters Nadine and Briony Manion dance with Audrey Gorring, proof that age is no barrier when it comes to enjoying dance … it is modern dance expressive of the here and now.”  Nicole Cridland, Northern Territory News

    “I congratulate you on the success of Open House. I acknowledge the tremendous amount of thought, effort and dedication put in. Thank you for your gift of inspiration and skill which you so willingly and patiently share with those of us fortunate to take advantage.”  G. Wilkinson

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