Mother Daughter

Mother Daughter


    Darwin Entertainment Centre

    November 16, 2001

    Between them, a bond that transcends all differences; defies all odds

    There is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and affection that a woman who decides to take the role of "mother", needs to pass on to a younger woman known as "daughter". This process may be beautiful and heart-warming on the one hand or nerve-wracking and full of discord on the other.

    Stage Director Betchay Mondragon took on the challenge of interpreting the different stories between mothers and daughters in this Tracks production. MOTHER DAUGHTER began with childbirth and continued to the time when the daughter decides to leave the mother in order to live her own life. These stories were colourfully represented through a variety of cultural traditions and rituals, as well as differing concepts of mothering practices. Performances featured real-life mother-and-daughter tandems.

    Director's Notes

    My mum knew exactly what she wanted me to become and she sure did a good job of it. I have nothing against whatever she did, though. As a teenager I had my go at defiance, delinquency, lying, sneaking out at nights, sneaking out days, financial stuff ups and every other thing a normal teenager does to make her mum’s life just a bit less ordinary; a bit more dramatic. My daughter is doing the exact same thing!

    Mother Daughter is the inspiration I gather as I watch my only daughter grow up from a cuddly babe to a sexy babe. It is my hope that I survive life with my daughter gracefully as did my mum with me; that my daughter takes pleasure in motherhood when her turn comes.

    Some of us hate our mums, and some of us smother our daughters. But between these two females is a bond so strong, it defies any, if not all, odds and transcends whatever differences.

    Betchay Mondragon

    Creative Personnel

    Director: Betchay Mondragon
    Assistants to Director: Tim Newth, David McMicken
    Choreography: Betchay Mondragon, David McMicken, Julia Quinn, Sarah Calver, Julia Mageau Gray, Nirvana Heldrich

    Production and Promotion Personnel

    Sound Engineering: Ken Hutton, Kakadu Studios
    Stage Manager: Chris Osborne
    Assistant Stage Management: Beryl Brugmans, Julia Quinn, Tim Newth and David McMicken.
    Technicians, Darwin Entertainment Centre: Andrew Dudley, Neil Macknight, Leah Handley, Frank Gustavson
    Poster Image and Design: Mark Marcelis
    Publicity: Heather Richards



    Scene 1. Birthing
    The birth
    Nurturing my child

    Scene 2. At play with mum
    Dads away, mum and daughter play

    Scene 3. My world your world
    Listening to what i speak for you

    Scene 4. Tradition, culture & change
    Tradition vs change

    Scene 5. My daughter is on loan

    Scene 6. This is me;
    My umbilical cord is wrapped around her heart

    Scene 7. Mother daughter mother
    All grown up


    Prologue: Prayer chant by Betchay Mondragon

    Scene 1: Soundscape taken from BIRTH, a film by Charlotte Watson, Tim Brown & Linda Grace

    Scene 2: Mama Mo - Coco’s Lunch, Love is a Four-Letter Word

    Scene 3: Nubreed Sander Kleinenberg

    Scene 4: “So Many Choices” written & performed by Bernadine Crute, Byron Low, Erwin Fenis, Marko Taopo & Simon Harley. Arrangement by Ken Hutton, On Children by S. H. In The Nock

    Scene 5: Ja Muli Ja (Farewell Daughter), Musician: Vinod Kilkarni Ustad Bismilla Khan:  Dadra

    Scene 6: (Live singing by Yola and Julia Mageau Gray) Salt Water Feet, mai sa le le, dukuku - Mekeo Children Songs Sepik flutes, D. Fanshawe, Inau Amau, mekeo song taught by Mali-Joe Isoaimo, A Savage Land, D. Bridie & Pius Wasi, Tolai Songs taught by W. Dunn, Siwali, played by Drum Drum, Fear of an Estuary - Terenesia, Amplified Poetry & Songs, by Teresia Teaiwa. Tracks mixed by Airi Ingram, Stories recorded by Ken Hutton

    Scene 7: Because You Loved Me: Patti Lewis “Tribute to Celine Dion”, Cycle Begins Again


    Prologue: Betchay Mondragon & Estelle Mondragon Quindara

    The Birth: Lynette Bruekers, Austin Bruekers, Lori-Carmen Chappel, Oliver Rafe Ingarfield, Kylie Banner & Tom Banner

    Celebration: Anna Couttie, Kathleen Hill, Laureen Ward, Belinda O'Rafferty, Charmaine Carter, Di Lucas, Michelle Scott, Natalie Hopkins, Leanne Tanner, Camel LeLay, Marianne Louitch, Sally Smith, Lynne, Margaret St Leone, Sue Peining, Carol Day, Kylie Banner, with special participation of Nirvana Heldrich.

    Nurturing my child: Lynette Bruekers, Austin Bruekers, Lori-Carmen Chappel & Oliver Rafe Ingarfield

    At Play with Mum: Beverly Cowan & Felicity Wilkinson, Jenny Gallagher & Briege Kelly, Fiona Fergusson & Muskie Fergusson - Calwell, Sue Gleed & Rosie McMeel, Michelle Scott & Sarah Anderson, Lynn Bramham & Sarah Bramham, Ros Coggan & Maggie Coggan - Cartlan, Wendy Eccleston & Rosie O’Reilly, Sabrina Todd-Rutty & Grace Rutty, Tove Petterson & Trine Petterson

    Dad's away, Mum and Daughter play: Sarah Calver & Tessa Calver-James

    My World Your World: Veronica & Lency Luta with Keas Nawia, Annie Luta, Relma Luta, Gloria Luta, Ruth Bagiri, Florence Bagiri, Alima Davou, Amy Nona & Annie Wasaga

    High School: Merissa Broadbent, Chloe Butterworth, Melissa Cartmell, Zoe Crawford, Stacey Jessop, Megan McIntosh, Danielle Mandis, Rosie Megirian, Josh Mu. Laurinda Morrison, Tim Omaji, Maroulla Palatianus, Cristina Pantazis, Trine Petterson, Kierah Richards, Leanne Riggs, Zoe Riggs, Alea Rose, Sarah Rostron, Raylee-jo Rozario, Amanda Sheppard, Alicja Rudz, Rachael Smythe, Vanessa Steenson, Angelina Fong Li & Kristie Woodford

    Tradition Vs Change: Yass-Marie Rutty, Rachael Gain, Danarose Dizon, Gemma Cabunsol, Juliann Valles, Marko Taopo, Byron Low Estelle Quindara, Esperanza Lavares vda De Mondragon & Betchay Mondragon

    My Daughter is on Loan: Jayanthi Srinivas, Aditi Srinivas & Jyoti Vemuri

    This is Me: Julia Mageau Gray & Yolanda Magaiva Gray

    All Grown Up: Estelle Quindara, Aditi Srinivas & Lency Luta

    Cycle Begins Again: Full cast

    Tracks 2001

    Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
    Office Administration: Heather Richards
    Bookkeeper: Lynn Bramham
    Production Manager: Eunice De Ramos
    Multicultural Artist in Residence: Betchay Mondragon
    Grey Panthers Coordinator: Merrilee Mills

    Committee Members:  David Taylor (Chair), Jackie Wurm (Vice-Chair), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Kyleigh Hindson/Rukshana Ramachandran (Secretary/Public Officer), Ken Conway, Nicole Cridland, Kay Brown, Tania Lieman (Ordinary Committee Members), David McMicken and Tim Newth (Ex-Officio Members)

    Photo: Elka Kerkhofs. (l-r) Jayanthi Srinivas, Aditi Srinivas
    Photo: Elka Kerkhofs. (centre) Estelle Mondragon Quindara with Darwin High School students
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. (l-r) Betchay Mondragon, Estelle Mondragon Quindara
    Photo: Elka Kerkhofs.
    Photo: Elka Kerkhofs. Veronica Luta, Lency Luta
    Photo: Elka Kerkhofs. Betchay Mondragon, Estelle Mondragon Quindara

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