Milpirri Banner - JANGANPA (Possum)

Milpirri Banner - JANGANPA (Possum)

Dreaming Design

Janganpa (Possum). In this banner, the 'E' shapes represent possum tracks and the lines represent the journey path of the possum people. Jangankurlangu means Jangan (Possum) and Kurlangu (belonging to)

Belonging to Skin Groups

Jangala, Jampijinpa, Nangala and Nampijinpa (Blue Group)

Jerry Jangala Patrick states that the possum is Jakamarra Nakamarra and Jupururla Napururla skin (See Red Group Possum), however in the dreaming it became blue group while at Boomerang Hole.

Drawn By

Pardi Pardi (Henry Jakamarra Cook) 2012


Jerry Jangala states that Yakarryi was the old traditional owner for this place at Boomerang Hole. Currently the Downs family. Boomerang hole is within country that is Napaljarri/Japaljarri and Nungarrayi/Jungarrayi. Speak with Cowboy George Jungarrayi in Willowra for more information.


Wangapa (Geoffrey Barnes)


Boomerang Hole is listed on maps as Jangakulangu (properly spelt Jangankurlangu).  It is located on the Lander River north of the Warlpiri community of Willowra (Wirliyatjarrayi). 

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Warlpiri linguist Dr David Nash describes some early history at Jangankurlangu and the nearby mining lease at Wolfram Hill. The Warlpiri dictionary states that many people used to live at Jangankurlangu. Nash states that conflict over water at Boomerang Hole is regarded by many Warlpiri as the place where the trouble began that eventually led to the killing of Fred Brooks and the reprisals that have become known as the Coniston Massacre. 

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Other Possum Dreamings

Possum at the Granites: In addition to this banner which is located at Jangankurlangu (Boomerang Hole) on the Lander River, there is another Jangankurlangu at the Granites.  This is where the possums had a big battle.  The battle is discussed on the Red Group Possum Banner. 

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Janganpa performance in Alice Springs

Janganpa was the name (also the name of the dance group) of a co-production between the Janganpa Dancers (managed by VAST) and Tracks Dance Company at the Araluen Centre, Alice Springs in 2003.

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Janganpa (Possum). Attribution: By JJ Harrison ( (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons.
The original drawing was done for this banner by Pardi Pardi (Henry Jakamarra Cook) in Lajamanu 2012
Janganpa dancers at Araluen Centre, Alice Springs in 2003. (l-r) Johnny Japaljarri Possum, Derek Jampijinpa Egan. Photo Steve Strikes.
The start of Milpirri 2014 highlighting the Milpirri banners. See the Janganpa banner second from the right. Photo Peter Eve

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