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Space Time Studio Residency

Studio Residencies provide local independent dance artists with access to development time in Tracks space, and mentorship from the Tracks staff during Wet Season (Nov- Feb), with a Sharing at the conclusion. If you’re a local, independent dance or movement artist, and you're looking for opportunities to develop your practice in a self led environment, then this opportunity is for you.  

Tracks offers subsidised studio space and time to Northern Territory movement artists to investigate and develop their ideas. 

Up to 5 proposals are supported annually. Our focus is on independent dance practitioners and emerging artists. 

We offer 2 styles of residencies: 

‘Blue Sky Research' for open-ended creative practice  (Up to 21 hours. Cost: $200)

‘Creative Development’ for developing a new project idea (Up to 42 hours. Cost: $300)

If the cost of the residency creates a barrier, please reach out to discuss a scholarship.

Please read the Space Time Studio Residency Guidelines before beginning your application. We also encourage you to speak to a member of the Tracks creative team before submitting an application. 

Give us a call or email Tracks:

2023-2024 Space Time Studio Residents

Crystal Thomas

"Exploration through Dance Movement Therapy. Light-hearted warm-ups, igniting movement and fostering connections within a group. Delving into the investigation of an open ended question or musing. An opportunity to explore freely. Inviting the emergence of visions, colors, patterns, textures, and movements in the body and on paper, uncovering deeper truths residing within our unconscious. As someone who cherishes plans, I will embrace the beauty of letting go, creating space for spontaneity and organic experiences to emerge in this residency. Together, we'll uncover the heartbeat of the group and allow ourselves to be moved by what unfolds!"


"I would like to further explore the interconnection between text and movement, utilising known approaches from other choreographers including Brown’s “Locus”, Parson’s use of grammatical forms, McGreevy-Nichols role of text to inform improvisation and other’s we discover along the way. I’d like to explore them with a sense of fidelity, but then see where their tools take us. A question arises - what texts to use? With the recent passing of my father, a man who I knew little about in life, I’ve found childhood photographs and old letters, these will form the basis for our movements."

Debbie Micairan

"I want to explore movement in my body in a fun, joyous and experimental way that allows me to build more self-awareness and confidence, feel in tune with my body and get the creative juices flowing! Movement practise will include creation and experimentation of choreography, movement and vocals."

Hosted Residency

For guest artists, visitors or companies developing choreographic ideas with a forum, showing, or masterclass attached. Hosted residencies allow artists to engage with our local community.

Contact David McMicken to find out more. 

Residency Coordinators: Kelly Beneforti

Mentored Residencies 2024

The Brunettes: Kate Mornane, Jenelle Saunders and Tara Schmidt continue their long-term collaborative explorations.

Mentored / Guest Artist Residency

Self-funded artists taking on a residency with Tracks mentorship.


Sheila Rose works alongside Marian Patterson and Kelly Beneforti.

Company Partners

Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

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Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

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