King Lear - Darwin Theatre Company


Amphitheatre, George Brown Botanic Gardens, Darwin

June, 1997

A Darwin Theatre Company production in which Tracks artists take on key elements of design, soundtrack and assistance to the Director. 

King Lear by William Shakespeare performed by a professional and amateur cast. Our connection with this production may seem odd for a dance company but was in keeping with our multi arts approach to our work. Tim worked primarily to push Patrick’s ideas into new areas. This included the choice of performance venue as well as design and general ideas. David worked primarily in the music and composition areas with DJ Space Ace, to create an innovative and original underscore for the entire play. The result was the audience seated on the stage of the amphitheatre, with action taking place on the forestage and on the background hill.

Creative Personnel

Director: Patrick Mitchell
Designer: Tim Newth
Production Manager: Rebecca Palmer
Lighting Design: Vanessa Hutchins
Sound Designers: David McMicken, David Pratt - Space Ace
Costume Designer: Joanna Barrkman
Stage Managers: Kate Evans, Kerry Lush
Assistant Lighting Designer: Neil Macknight
Lighting Operators: Neil Macknight, Danielle Redmond
Sound Operators: Bronwyn Kelly, Jonathon Beever
Lighting Assistants: Kevin Green, Leah Handley, Cameron Mcintosh, Brock Young, Jenny Mcculloch
Assistant Stage Managers: Danielle Agocs, Natalie Brem, Beryl Brugmans, Patricia Chetcuti, Nadia Gooding, Michelle Slater


Robert McDonough (Lear) Paul Bourchier (Earl of Kent) Tiffany Carter (Regan) Angela Smith (Cordelia) Stella Harding (Goneril) Jessie Watson (Edgar) Robyn Waite (Edmund) Brad Syke (Duke of Albany) Kathie Rea (The Fool) Kevin Cook (Oswald) Andrew Pitt (Earl of Gloucester) Matt Sloane (Duke of Cornwall)

Tracks Dance 1997

Co-Artistic Directors: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Tim Newth
Administrator: Liann Stevenson

[Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

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