Healthy Wealthy and Wise Tour - The Grey Panthers


Brown’s Mart Theatre, Darwin City
Araluen Centre, Alice Springs

May 21-28, 1997

Araluen performance May 24th May

This was a remount of the 1995 production with a tour to Alice Springs.

This return season features Darwin’s most entertaining, effervescent and enterprising senior citizens in this marvellous magical blend of music, dance, wit and wisdom - from bedpans and false teeth to gardening and cardio moves. The Grey Panthers will have you rolling in the aisles and rocking in your chairs as you join them in a celebration of life over 50.

“It’s not unusual to act and dance and sing,
Canoe or camp or any other thing,
Like put on lingerie for a wild romantic fling,
It’s Not unusual, it’s not unusual.”

HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE followed the extraordinary adventures of the Grey Panthers. Through song and dance and a good dose of laughter, these matriarchs took us on a journey that evoked the humour, courage and beauty of women living in their later years.

The Panthers shared their wisdom,  experience and their willingness to go on learning as they help keep the trees of life blossoming. Old age is not just about wearing purple, knitting, and false teeth. These radical grandmothers challenge us to live our lives to the fullest. Powerful, entertaining, witty and poignant.

Additional performances of segments of the work:

  • Workshop with the women's circus - Alice Springs
  • Community Workshops - Alice Springs
  • Old Timers' Association, Darwin
  • Women's Health ConfestAlice Springs Mal
  • Alukra Women’s Health Convention, Alice Springs
  • National Health Conference, Beaufort Darwin
  • Multiple Sclerosis Charity Concert: Darwin Entertainment Centre
  • University of the Third Age
  • Australian Breast Cancer Day, Kantilla Darwin
  • Arthritis Foundation Christmas Charity: Nightcliff Sports Centre

Creative Personnel

Director/Choreographer: Sarah Calver
Writer and Health Worker: Karyn Sassella
Musical Director: Merrilee Mills
Production and Tour Manager: Matt James
Banner Designer and Maker: Joanna Barrkman
Stage Designer: Tim Newth
Other Artists involved in the original production whose work is seen again here: David McMicken, Tim Newth, Joanna Barrkman, Anja Tait, Yoris Wilson.


The Grey Panthers:
Glad Morris: Abseiler & Ballroom dancer extraordinaire. One of our founding members, always ready for a challenge and is definitely a bionic granny who inspires all she meets.
Audrey Svara: A Singer and a groover. She is still looking for a ‘real’ man and enjoys a Riesling or two.
Hanna Stamm: Evergreens activist and great mover, especially on roller skates. Catch this jetsetter in action, she’s a gem.
Greta Quong: Often seen in the social pages, renowned for her cooking, she is absolutely fabulous.
Audrey Gorring: Our Isadora Duncan, and an avid performer who knows how to let her hair down.
Adie Bruce: A creative writer with a great recipe for Baileys, the drinking of which greatly assists her bowling.
Kay Brown: She entered this world singing, dancing, and acting, and over the years has entertained many Darwin audiences.
Kath Baldwin: A green thumb who loves a song and dance, and has produced some fine needlework.
Jo Davis: Loves to exercise and always has a joke or two hidden up her sleeve, watch out for her smiling eyes.
Inger Andersson: Loves the theatre and glides her way through this production, she loves a chat and is full of surprises.
Del Cooke: One of our newest Panthers and performing for her first time. She is a published writer and enjoys being a Panther and agrees that exercise is the best remedy.


  • After the Ball is Over
  • My Hands Promised
  • When I’m an old Woman
  • 10 in a Bed
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Sex
  • Shadow Play: Take it all out
  • Mammogram
  • The Worst Hangover
  • Alcohol
  • Super Women
  • Bali Holiday
  • Leaving: Barney Google
  • Wisdom Song
  • If I Had My Life to Live Over …
  • Sipping White Coffee
  • Life Begins at 60!
  • Tai Chi
  • My Hands Tell The Story
  • Always
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • The Gals’ Handbags
  • Walk and Talk Like an Angel
  • Wishes
  • Wealth in Love
  • Natural Health Remedies
  • Cardio Aerobic Moves
  • It’s Not Unusual

Tracks Dance 1997

Co-Artistic Directors: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Tim Newth
Administrator: Liann Stevenson

[Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]


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