Healthy Wealthy and Wise - The Grey Panthers

Healthy Wealthy and Wise - The Grey Panthers


    Brown's Mart Theatre, Darwin City

    December 4-9, 1995

    From False Teeth to Cardio Moves

    From bedpans and false teeth to gardening and cardio moves, HEALTHY WEALTHY AND WISE followed the extraordinary adventures of the Grey Panthers. Through song and dance and a good dose of laughter, these matriarchs took us on a journey that evoked the humour, courage and beauty of women living in their later years.

    The women shared their wisdom and experience and their willingness to go on learning as they helped keep the trees of life blossoming. Old age is not just about wearing purple, knitting, and false teeth. These radical grandmothers challenged us to live our lives to the fullest. Powerful, entertaining, witty and poignant.

    Creative Personnel

    Director/Choreographer: Sarah Calver
    Assistant Director Choreographer: David McMicken
    Banner Designer and Maker: Joanna Barrkman
    Stage Designer: Tim Newth
    Musical Director: Anja Tait
    Lighting Designer: Matthew James


    The Grey Panthers: Joyce Tickell, Audrey Svara, Hanna Stamm, Greta Quong, Glad Morris, Audrey Gorring, Adie Bruce, Kay Brown, Kath Baldwin, Von Hill, Inger Andersson
    Pianist: Ian Ellis
    Banner Makers: Anthony Johnson, Gwen Brown, Trix (I wouldn’t be dead for quids) Mullooly, Marie Trewin, Esther Woolnough, Jane Escott


    • After the Ball is Over
    • My Hands Promised ...
    • When I'm an Old Woman I'll Wear Purple
    • 10 in a Bed: I'm Not Going!
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Sex
    • Shadow Play: Take It All Out
    • Methadone
    • The Worst Hangover
    • Alcohol
    • Super Women (Pop Pink Pills)
    • Bali Holiday
    • Leaving: Barney Google
    • Interval
    • Wisdom Song
    • Sipping White Coffee
    • Life Begins at 60
    • Owls and Chickens
    • Make The Most of the Time You've Got
    • Tai Chi
    • My Hands Tell the Story
    • Always (I'll be Lovin' You)
    • Achy Breaky Heart Line Dance
    • Caring and Wishes
    • Wealthy Song
    • Natural Health Remedies
    • Healthy Song
    • Aerobics - Absolutely Everybody

    Tracks Dance Collective 1995

    Co-Artistic Directors: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Tim Newth

    [Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

    Photo: Yoris Wilson. l-r Audrey Svara, Inger Andersson, Kath Baldwin, Glad Morris, Von Hill.
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. l-r Audrey Gorring, Glad Morris (sitting), Greta Quong, Adie Bruce, Kay Brown, Inger Andersson (Sitting), Hanna Stamm, Joyce Tickell, Von Hill (sitting with back), Audrey Svara, Kath Baldwin
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Kay Brown (behind), Adie Bruce.
    Photo: Yoris Wilson
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. (floor) Kay Brown, (behind) Audrey Gorring, (background l-r) Adie Bruce, Inger Andersson, Glad Morris.
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. l-r Greta Quong, Adie Bruce.

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