Gathering Ground

Gathering Ground


    Darwin Civic Gardens, Darwin City

     June 4 & 5, 1993

    Gathering Ground was designed as an adjunct project to Open House. Open House,  aimed to allow people to present short works and works in progress in order to ”test the water” in front of an audience. Gathering Ground aimed to work with the groups further to realise the greater potential of their initial explorations. It also aimed to present some of Darwin’s other established dance groups such as guest artists Juniper Tree Dance Company, and Darwin Juke Box Rock.

    Director's Notes - Sarah Calver

    Welcome to Gathering Ground, a creative and dynamic dance performance that weaves together the impressive talents and energies of Darwin’s local people. The performers will take you on a journey of discovery outdoors through to a disciplined wildness in the theatre, ending in the calmness of the night where the footstepping of others will entice you to join in.

    Creative Personnel

    Coordinator: Sarah Calver
    Choreographers: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Berenice Franklin, Sandy Stewart, Lisa Campbell, Joanna Noonan and Julia Quinn
    Lighting design and technician: Matthew James

    Lighting Technician: James Forrest
    Sound Operators: David McMicken and Maggi Phillips
    Photographer: Lizard


    Hello, How Are You & What’s Your Name
    An improvised journey, which is at times strange and at others familiar. A path along which you can meet the dancers, a moment of improvisation.

    Yes Lets
    Performers: Darwin Dance Mob, Kids Group
    Choreography: Sarah Calver and group
    Music: Kolo Kolo Kolo – Bobby McFerrin

    I’m In The Toy Box
    Performers: Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre
    Choreography: Sarah Calver and group
    Story: Rachael Lillybridge
    Music: You Don’t Treat Me No Good, Sonia Dada

    A Glimpse of Chaos
    Performers: Local Troupe
    Choreography: David McMicken
    Music: Mouth Music, Peter Gabriel

    Just Friends
    Performers: Darwin Dance Mob, Grey Panthers
    Choreography: Sarah Calver
    Music: Half as Much, Rosemary Clooney

    Hip Hop Hooray
    Performers: Corrugated Iron Youth Arts Artability Group
    Choreography: Group
    Music: Bobby Brown

    Look Inside
    Performers: Dance Mob, Adults Group
    Choreography: Sarah Calver, David McMicken and group
    Music: Drumming, Steve Reich

    Thru Moves
    Performers: Dance Mob, Grey Panthers
    Choreography: Adapted from traditional by Sarah Calver
    Music: Traditional Israeli Folk

    Another Glimpse of Chaos
    Performers: Local Troupe
    Choreography: David McMicken
    Music: Deep Forest

    As I Am
    Choreography and Direction: Sarah Calver
    Additional Choreography: Sandy Stewart, Berenice Franklin, Lisa Campbell
    Performers: Linda Bonson, Sarah Calver, Lisa Campbell, Berenice Franklin, Helen Haritos, Sandy Stewart.
    Music/text: Sarah Calver, Not Drowning Waving, Joe Jackson, Hatziporum, Tiddas, Stephen de Souza, K D Lang, Ben Mink, 2 Unlimited, Jackson Brown Junior, Jean Michael Jarre, Jim Morrison, Kate Bush.
    The inspiration for As I Am emerged from Different from Every Angle, a dance work I created in 1992 about people and how we are who we are. Different From Every Angle combined modern dance with sign language, gestures, and poetry. In 1993 I decided to explore this integration further, developing a dance work, that looks at the songlines six women have travelled.
    Section 1. My Silence: My silence is not a wall to keep others out but merely a part of me
    Section 2. Travelling songline: A road takes me up, down, round about, and then into new untrodden ground
    Section 3. It’s All Too Much: Some days I can’t get started, wondering which shoe to put on first
    Section 4. Quack: Choreography by Sandy Stewart, danced by Berenice Franklin and Stephen de Souza
    Section 5. Come Into My Kitchen
    Section 6. As I Am: Can you accept me as I am, with all my rotten ways, the days I’m gentle as a lamb, or in a filthy rage? – Margaret Brushnahan
    Section 7. Pullin’ Back The Reins: Choreography and performance by Berenice Franklin. We can run together, and we must in order to remain
    Section 8. There’s No Turning Back
    Section 9. Slip of the Tongue: Phrase we remember our mums saying combined with excerpts from P.S. I Love You by H. Jackson Brown Junior
    Section 10. The Crystal Ship: Choreography and performance by Lisa Campbell
    Section 11. Symbols of Life
    Section 12. Ostamanyana: Choreography, text and performance by Sandy Stewart
    Section 13. This Women’s Work: Give me the moments back …

    Juniper Tree Dance Company

    Some Places … Feathers and Good Thoughts
    Excerpts from The Company of Lovers (April 1993)
    Directed by Joanna Noonan and Julia Quinn
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan and Julia Quinn
    Costumes: Joanna Noonan, Julia Quinn and Lilian Vita
    Guest Performers: John Azarcon, Anne Cooper, Korin Gibson, Peta Goed, Jean Gove, Julia Gray, Jody Greenoff, Rachel Hewer, Julie Horn, Elishia Hountalas, Nicola Merritt, Lisa Nicholson, Juliette McCleod, Ben Pinkerton, Anna Marie Rooding, Jeff Standen
    “Happy and gay and blithe were we, the night we danced under the Juniper Tree, the Juniper Tree my darling, the Juniper Tree my darling. (American Folkloric song.)
    Julia and Joanna founded Juniper Tree in 1992 because they wanted to expose the talent that there is in Darwin. With three seasons under their belt, the Juniper Tree Dance Company looks forward to many more collaborative events like this in the future. Some people find it difficult to express how they feel verbally, for us, movement is our voice, and this is our way of being heard. Listen … we’re talking to you …
    Julia and Joanna wish to thank the dancers for their contribution to the artistic process. Without their passion, focus and commitment these works would not be possible. There is something for everyone in all genres of art. What did you see?

    Alone - 1993
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan
    Sound: Des Orages Pour La Nuit – Gabriel Yared
    Performers: John Azarcon, Lisa Nicholson, Peta Goed, Joanna Noonan, Julie Horn, Ben Pinkerton, Jeff Sanden

    Taste My Tapestry – 1992
    Choreography and performance: Joanna Noonan, Julia Quinn
    Sound: Sea of Love – Trevor Jones

    Pandemos – 1992
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan
    Sound: The Day You Went Away – Wendy Matthews
    Performers: A. Cooper, Peta Goed, Julia Gray, Nicole Merritt, Julia Quinn, Anna Marie Rooding
    Age cannot wither her nor custom stale her infinite variety – William Shakespeare

    Passion – 1993
    Choreography: Julia Quinn
    Sound: Avenue – Nustat Faten Alikhan
    Performers: John Azarcon, Julie Horn, Lisa Nicholson, Ben Pinkerton, Ann Marie Rooding, Jeff Sanden
    The force of my love would carry me to the ends of the earth – Revelations: Diaries of Women.

    The Earth Laughs in Flowers – 1993
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan
    Sound: I Am What I Am – Anthony Warlow, Messiah – Handel, Merryn Warren
    Performers: Anne Cooper, Korin Gibson, Peta Goed, Jean Gove, Julie Horn, Joanna Noonan, Ben Pinkerton, Julia Quinn, Anna Marie Rooding

    Speedy Reply – 1993
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan
    Sound: Sea of Love – Trevor Jones
    Performers: Casuarina Secondary College year 11 & 12 dancers.

    Celebration – 1993
    Choreography: Joanna Noonan
    Sound: Penny Whistle Song – The Power of One
    Choreography: Nicole Merritt, Joanna Noonan, Julia Quinn
    Sound: White Men Can’t Jump – Riff
    “We meet and part now over all the world”  - Judith Wright

    Experimenting, I Hung The Moon On Various Branches Of The Pine
    (Throughout the performance we link the sections with thoughts from company members)
    Arranged by: Juliette McCleod, Liliah Vita
    Performed by: Juliette McLeod, Julia Gray, Jody Greenhoff

    Shake Rattle and Roll - With The Darwin Juke Box Rock
    Why not join in for a great session of Rock and Roll


    Brown’s Mart Community Arts Dance Development Offices: Sarah Calver, David McMicken

    [Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

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