Freddy Jangala Patrick

Freddy Jangala Patrick (1930 - 1998) was born west of Willowra near Mungurlarri, he came to Lajamanu as a 'single fellow’. He was a Warlpiri speaker and his country was Mungurlarri and Lult-ja (Lajamanu). An excellent carver, he was one of the first to start painting in Lajamanu. He also painted Ngapa (water), Emu, Bush Plum (Yawakyi) Wirlki (Boomerang), Watiya Warnu (Seed of Tree), Warna Pawu (Snake from Willowra), Dreamings for which Jampijinpa/Jangala are custodians. He often worked together with his wife, artist Myra Nungarrayi Patrick. They lived just outside of the Lajamanu settlement. Freddy is the elder brother of Jerry Jangala Patrick and Paddy Jangala Patrick.

See artwork by Freddy Jangala Patrick housed in the Victorian National Gallery

See 1950s photo of Jangala held in the National Museum Australia