Mitchell Centre Carpark, Darwin City

    May 12 -15, 2004

    Always cutting edge, FAST challenged your senses and accelerated you into a future… Featuring 30 dynamic performers FAST took you right to the edge on the rooftop carpark at Darwin’s newest address, the Mitchell Centre. FAST paced, FAST music, FAST cast: driven by a desire to seize all that life offers.

    Funky and full-on, FAST featured dance influenced by hip-hop, contemporary Western, Indigenous and South East Asian cultures, performed with a breathtaking energy that ricocheted off the ground striking you between the eyes. The audience was blown away by the power and pace as the cast delivered a blast of real life from the street to the stage.

    Directors’ Notes

    Youth subcultures have emerged at a stunning pace in recent years, a complex face of alternatives fuelled by the fast paced electronic age. More choices than ever are being made available and these new oceans have to be navigated. In Darwin we have a unique and rich cultural diversity. For our young people this informs them and adds to what they will become.

    FAST is the first performance experience for some of the cast, for others they have been dancing since they were four years of age. Some are doing it for the joy of moving, while others wish to make dance their career. Regardless of their different motivations FAST is a launching pad for them all, accelerating them into a future. FAST continues Tracks commitment to developing the future of Territory performance.

    Creative Personnel

    Direction and Concept: David McMicken, Tim Newth, Julia Quinn
    Choreography: Julia Quinn, David McMicken and (cast) Erwin Fenis, Byron Low, Marko Taopo, Tara Robertson, Jessica Rosewarne, Ruttiya Suansri, Justine Clarke
    Rehearsal assistants: Marko Taopo and Gary Lang
    Stylist and costumes: Cristina Pantazis
    Lighting Designer: Matthew James

    Production and Promotions Personnel

    Casting advisers: Shauna Ricardo, Gary Lang, Michelle Dott, Leanne Youl, and Martin Kwasner
    Sound: Elka Kerkhofs
    Follow spot operators: Daniel Lade and Patrick Williams
    Electrician: Don Green
    Promotion/Production Management: Sue Mornane
    Poster Image and Design: Mark Marcelis
    Publicist: Sue Camilleri
    Front of House Manager: David Taylor


    Core: Erwin Fenis, Byron Low, Marko Taopo, Tara Robertson, Jessica Rosewarne, Ruttiya Suansri, Justine Clarke
    Chorus: Jacintha-Lee Anderson, Kelly Beneforti, Danarose Dizon, Sachini Gamage, Karajayne Handberg, Georgia Mansfield, Elle Richards, Bianca Scrymgour, Vera Tabuzo, Daniel Baker, Isaac Hanlon, Victoria Close, Natalee Evans, Maxi Gonzalez Finestone, Loretta Kung, Lisa Quinell, Jensine Rickert, Aditi Srinivas, Jeremy Apresto, Wesley Camigla, Adriel Mangohig


    Fast does not follow a single story line but delves into the complex relationships between the cast and the world that they inhabit. Keep up as they accelerate into a future, fitting as much into their lives as possible, before their ‘use by date’.

    The following sections will guide you through the FAST Action.

    • Arrival & Shanghais. Taking Off.
    • Dance Histories: Where Have We Come From?
    • I Know What I Want, and I Want It All.
    • Star Qualities. Reaching For The Stars.
    • Finding Strength Inside.
    • Hey Mama.
    • Is The Grass Always Greener?
    • Firestarter.
    • Coming Out Of The Jungle.
    • Breaking Loose.
    • Fusion. Finding Partners.
    • Ballet Versus Hip Hop.
    • Gossip Folk.
    • Finale: FAST.

    Tracks 2004

    Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
    Company Manager: Sue Mornane
    Dance Animateur: Julia Quinn
    Youth Trainee: Marko Taopo
    Bookkeeper: Heather Richards
    Development Consultant: Suzanne Fermanis

    Committee Members:  Jackie Wurm (Chair), David Taylor (Vice-Chair), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Kyleigh Hindson (Secretary/Public Officer), Ken Conway, Donna Quong, Jill MacAndrew, Kay Brown (Ordinary Committee Members), David McMicken and Tim Newth (Ex-Officio Members)

    Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Paul Wan

    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Erwin Fenis
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Jessica Rosewarne
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Justine Clarke
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Marko Taopo
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Ruttiya Suansri
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Byron Low
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Erwin Fenis
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Tara Robertson, Marko Taopo, Ruttiya Suansri, Erwin Fenis, Jessica Rosewarne, Justine Clarke, Byron Low
    Photo: Mark Marcelis. l - r: Tara Robertson
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Byron Low, Justine Clarke
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. r-l: Jessica Rosewarne, S.G, Natalee Evans, Tara Robertson, Lisa Quinell, Ruttiya Suansri
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Catwalk - Cast
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Hey Mama Cast
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Jessica Rosewarne
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. l-r: (lift) Tara Robertson, Marko Taopo, Ruttiya Suansri, Byron Low
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Tara Robertson
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. Bianca Scrymgour
    Photo: Yoris Wilson. l-r: Byron Low, MArko Taopo, Justine Clarke, Ruttiya Suansari

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    "As the Northern Territory’s premier contemporary dance company, Tracks reflects the Territory in all its diversity and complexity through performances inspired by the people and place of their creation. My Government is very proud to support Tracks as a Key Organisation through the Arts Sponsorship Program and to provide office and rehearsal space at the Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts. I congratulate the company and their major commercial sponsor for the production, the Mitchell Centre, on their enterprising partnership, which offers us the experience of this unique product and venue." Claire Martin: Chief Minister, Arts Minister NT

    “One hell of a show, It seemed the audience might rush the stage and join in its live mix of upbeat music FAST was a Tracks signature performance … reminding us of the great power, and accessibility of dance and music.” Maurice O’Riordan - Fresh, Northern Territory News

    "FAST…accelerate into the future’ the poster urges. These young dancers driven by energy and enthusiasm, tempered by the discipline and rigours of dance are doing just that. Thanks to Tracks, that future is brighter, better and bolder. The Territory’s future is our young people. The future is here. Enjoy!" Message from the Honourable Clare Martin, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

    "It's wonderful to see such talented young Indigenous dancers working alongside other young performers to create an innovative work that communicates our diverse histories and shared future. The Telstra Foundation is proud to have supported this home grown contemporary dance production. This is one of the many important projects that the Telstra Foundation has funded to develop young Indigenous talent." Jackie Huggins AM, Telstra Foundation Board Member and Co-chair of Reconciliation Australia. (The Telstra Foundation has been established as a giving program devoted to enriching the lives of Australian children and young people and the communities in which they live.)

    Audience Response:

    "Commitment of every dancer is impressive. There was nobody who wasn’t fully participating both body and facially."

    "I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I can’t believe the talent in the NT. I could see this 10 times!! Innovative, inspiring, supportive of young people of every kind. Inspirational to old people of every kind like me."


    "Great venue, fantastic talent, what energy and commitment."

    "A very high standard of stage craft and dance. Very well rehearsed and great choreography."

    Tracks Dance Company Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

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