Emergence - Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre


Lake Leanyer, Darwin

May 1, 1999

A cross cultural co-production with Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre project  depicting the cultural and scientific relationships between the dragonfly and the environment. Cultures involved were Papua New Guinea, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Tracks artists David McMicken and Tim Newth were engaged as creative consultants to work across the three sections. David worked across the choreography and with choreographers and cultural leaders Paia Ingram and Tau Ingram. The Grey Panthers senior women’s dance group was also utilised in the Laurabada section. Tim focused on the design

Creative Personnel

Key Artists and Concept: Bilha Smith, Richard Mclean, Paia Ingram
Director: Jenine Mackay
Creative Consultants: David McMicken, Tim Newth



Abel Pinto, Airi Ingram, Aiva Kadiba, Amy Hudson, Anna Faehse, Dominic Saint Clare, Irene Bebeklis, Jaevar Adams, Joseph Clements, Melissa Morgado, Paia Ingram, Philip Eaton, Priscilla Morgado, Sarah Linda Pinto, Scarlet Love, Tau Ingram, Taylor Kadiba, Thea Thomas, Wilson Morgado and The Grey Panthers: Adie Bruce, Hanna Stamm, Kay Brown, Delcia Cooke, Glad Morris, Jo Davis, Audrey Svara, Kath Baldwin, Mavis Waddell, Audrey Gorring.

A Sign Of Change

Amanda McGuinness, Amber Munkara, Bradley Sebbens, Claire Shanahan, Dominic Saint Clare, Gloria Kickett, Heather Mulholland, Jakob Brunnbauer, Jarius Ganawa, Jessica Mariot, Kathryn Gilbey, Kimberly Mulholland, Maudie Love, Nyssa Munkara-Sweet, Philip Eaton, Ricane Galaminda, Richard McLean, Samantha Chalmers, Seraine Namundja, Shari Sebbens.

Growth Change & Emergence

Amber Milne, Anna Faehse, Belinda Vale, Brianna Potter, Briony Willcocks, Chiara Adams, Cleo Richardson, Erin Coonan, Fran Swan, Gabby Le Brun, Hattie Body, Joseph Clements, Kassie Alcorn, Kin Leong, Leah Flannigan, Lucy Baddeley, Lucy Buckley, Matthew Laki, Nichola Christie, Paia Ingram Jr, Paul Laki, Rebecca Vale, Stephanie Vale, Thea Joy-Jarvis, Virginia Cowley, Zoe Crawford.


Laurabada (Trade wind April - July) that brings the dry season and the dragonfly

Papua New Guinea - Paia Ingram

Laurabada: The wind that brings the dragonflies (traditional dance).

Wind Dance - contemporary dance.

0 Lau Lua na ta (traditional fishing dance).

Fishing Dance: catch small bait fish (Urea).

Selile: Traditional yam harvesting dance, celebrating a good harvest.

Dragonfly dance: celebrating the arrival of the dry season.

Celebrating the messenger, the Dragonfly.

The old people, seeing the swarms of dragonflies, say that it will be a rich year, with plenty of yarns, bananas and other crops. There will be plenty of other fish for eating. So the dragonflies are a sign of bounteous harvests, with plenty of food. The old people build a 'Dubu, a yam platform, and there will be singing and dancing ceremonies to celebrate the good harvest. The dragonfly is a sign of good times and good harvests. The wings of the cane dragonfly installation have been woven in patterns, showing the shapes of the fish bones of the fish that are caught at this time of year, they are: Lalata, Udalaru and Gorere.

A Sign of Change - Depicting Indigenous Aboriginal Lifestyle and the dragonfly

Richard McLean.

Depicting Indigenous Aboriginal Lifestyle and the dragonfly.

The performers developed a strong understanding of indigenous culture through the process of attending a three-day camp at Daly River. The children learnt about weaving, gathering, fishing, and how the community lives on their land. They also presented contemporary interpretations and dance found through the imitation of the dragonfly

Growth, Change, Emergence - contemporary performance based on the scientific understanding of the dragonfly’s life cycle 

Bilha Smith

A contemporary performance based on the scientific understanding of the dragonfly’s life cycle. To create this section young people were engaged in a series of workshops in kite, mask, and puppet making. Dance Sequences were also created to signify the changes in the cycle leading to the emergence of the dragonfly.

Tracks Dance 1999

Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
Administrator: Amanda Carlton

Inaugural Committee Members: David Taylor (Chair), Ken Conway (Vice-Chair) Chris Raynal (Treasurer), Rukshana Ramachandran (Secretary/Public Officer), Tania Lieman, Jackie Wurm, Kez Hall, Nick Papandonakis (Ordinary Committee Members), David McMicken and Tim Newth (Ex-Officio Members)


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