Dance Feast

Dance Feast


    Darwin Civic Park, Darwin City

    October 2, 1988

    This meal and dance performance consisted of five groups combining to make a feast of dance: A children’s group, two youth groups, an adults group and an older adults group. The children and adult groups already existed as Dance Mob classes taken by Sarah Calver. The performance project swelled the numbers in each group. The older adults group was initiated through this project, and has continued on with classes and performances, (called the Grey Panthers since 1993.)

    The age range of the performers was between 4 and 74 and was a special element of Dance Feast. Each group worked with a visual element – ‘a wall’ which was particular to their stage of life: The children had a wall of water, the youth a wall of sound, adults had a wall of light, and the older adults had a wall of flowers. The whole performance celebrated the particular energy of each stage of life and the continuity and abundance of the whole cycle.

    Dance Feast was an evening-length performance that combined a meal and social dancing to a local band (Loose Wheels). All took place on the lawns of Civic Park, Darwin City. Dance Feast was part of the Dance on Darwin Project.

    Creative Personnel

    Sarah Calver, Tim Newth, Maggi Phillips, Beth Shelton


    Darwin Dance Mob (Kids)
    Sonya McDermott, Kiarna Adams, Kellsey Ansell, Cara Raskin, Adam Roth, David Smith, Amber Goodfellow
    Darwin Dance Mob (Youth)
    Celina Mckean, Joanna Cain, Mary-Anna Chevalier, Krista Morgan, Chris Madden, Sam Lant, Amanda Pine, Ricky Barnes, Evelyn Temple, Amy Brown, Donna Bessley, Stephanie Quinn, Szabina Horvath
    Darwin Dance Mob (Adult)
    Kerry Laizans, Janice Tidmarsh, Leanne Gunnulson, John Etty, Judith Ventic, Corolyn Ford, Rachel Long, David Lapsely, Scott Trenwith (Music), Wendy Harvey, Fiona Seccombe, Victoria Healy, Beth Shelton, Tim Newth, Rai Farfarniuk, Stephanie Francis, Sarah Calver, Maggi Phillips
    Darwin Dance Mob (Older Adults - Grey Panthers)
    Lendell Fyson, Willis Gerrig, Glad Morris, Gail Morris, Wendy James, Jocelyn Perkins, Marie Porter, Joy Soullier, Elsie Thompson, Pat Townsend, Margaret Wight.
    The Star Piquettes (singing group)
    Richenda Bridge, Jane Carpenter, Marianne Piercy, Rebecca Riggs
    The Loose Wheels Band
    Alistair Wyvill, Harry Dawson, Tom Marinucci, Rebecca Riggs, Jane Carpenter, Tanya Heaslip, Rowan Saice.


    Wall of Water (Kids)
    Choreography: Sarah Calver and Group
    Music: Splish Splash by Doctor John

    Wall of Sound (Youth)
    Choreography: Maggi Phillips and Group
    Music: Cry Wolf by Mark Isham, The Sound of Business by David Byrne

    Wall of Light (Adults)
    Choreography; Beth Shelton and Group
    Music: Composed and performed by Scott Trenwith.

    Wall of Flowers (Older Adults)
    Choreography: Beth Shelton and group.
    Music: Honey Suckle Rose by Fats Waller and performed by the Star Piquettes, Toy Waltz by Charles Chaplin, Apple Blossom Time by Neville Sleeson and performed by the Star Piquettes and the group.


    Dance Development Office: Sarah Calver

    [Under Brown’s Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

    back l-r. ?, ?, ?, Wendy James, Gael Morris, ? Front l- r. Joy Soullier, Margaret Wight, Glad Morris, Marie Porter.
    L-R back, Glad Morris, Marie Porter, ? , Cate Claire l-r front ?, ? .
    Wall of Flowers
    Glad Morris
    Glad Morris
    cast preparing for show
    L-R. ?, ?, Marie Porter, Wendy James, ?, ?.
    Cast shot including Older Adults.

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    Artists Notes

    In making this dance we began with the idea of walls. Elemental walls: walls to push over, jump on, pass through. Unexpected walls, walls of bodies. A wall for each group of dancers, somehow characteristic of their particular stage of life. The walls became points of growth to move through as one dance flows into another and the dance became a celebration of the energy, rhythm and reason of the cycle of life.

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