Dance Doctors

Dance Doctors


    DoubleTree by Hilton Esplanade, Darwin

    26-29 October

    The Dance Doctors were first conceived as part of the Tracks 2018 project Tracktivation. On invitation from October Business Month, the team reopened their workplace and business consultation practice. Participants of the conference started each day with a healthy ten-minute prescription of dance. Each appointment was built around the theme of the day, ending in a fun routine that every delegate learned:

    • Hospitality, Tourism and Retail
    • Construction, Trades, Property Development and Real Estate
    • Arts, Community and Not for Profit
    • Agribusiness, Aquaculture and Exports

    The Daily Dose

    The Dance Doctors' main prescription is simple: dance a bit every day. Clinical tests show that we, just like our automobile, need regular check-ups for basic maintenance.  But did you know that there is more you can do to fine-tune your work-place health? The Dance Doctors are here to assist you in the workplace, preventing early-onset problems and increasing the overall happiness and good vibrations of your office.

    Some Proven Benefits of Dancing

    Improved condition of your heart and lungs, and increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
    Increased aerobic fitness, and improved muscle tone and strength
    Weight management, stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
    Better coordination, agility and flexibility, with improved balance and spatial awareness
    Increased physical confidence, alongside improved mental functioning
    Improved problem-solving capacity, and improved general and psychological well-being
    Greater self-confidence and self-esteem, and better social skills.
    And overall - a great boost to your overall happiness

    Creative Team

    Concept: David McMicken
    Dancers/Doctors 2020: Bryn Wackett, Madeleine Brown, Kelly Beneforti, and Jess Devereux

    Each Dance Doctor specialises in a specific area based on the most up to date research, where the health and wellbeing aspects of dance have been proven to be of major benefit. This year we covered joint mobility and arthritis, mental health, cradle to the grave whole of life, and healthy brains with neurons firing.

    Company Partners

    Tracks Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

    Tracks 2020

    Artistic Co-Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
    Company Director: Adelaide Wood
    Administrator: Jessica Mellor / Jo Shearn
    Production Manager: Duane Preston
    Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti and Jess Devereux
    Bookkeeper: It Figures

    Committee Members: Venaska Cheliah (Chairperson), Andrea Wicking (Vice-Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), David Taylor, Michael Grant, Ken Conway, Max Dewa Stretton, Rachael Wallis. David McMicken, Tim Newth, Adelaide Wood (Ex-Officio Members)

    Public Fund Trustees: Maari Gray, Will Crawford and Lachlan Peattie

    Patron: Her Honour the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AM, Administrator of the Northern Territory


    (l-r) Kelly Beneforti, Bryn Wackett, Madeleine Brown and Jess Devereux. Photo Duane Preston
    (l-r) Kelly Beneforti, Bryn Wackett, Madeleine Brown and Jess Devereux. Photo Duane Preston
    (l-r) Kelly Beneforti, Bryn Wackett, Madeleine Brown and Jess Devereux. Photo Duane Preston


    "It was great to laugh and move with my collegues and to see the rapport build amongst the group" - Dance Doctor Participant

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    Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

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