Crocodile Man Pineapple Woman


Gardens Park Golf Links, The Gardens, Darwin

August 12 - 16, 19 - 23, 2011
Darwin Festival

A True Territorian Love Story

Celebrating the rich cultural relationships that the Northern Territory fosters, Tracks takes creative licence with a uniquely true Territorian love story between a Hungarian crocodile hunter and glamorous Thai pineapple seller.

“My mother, the social butterfly of life, would be so proud and honoured that people are so interested in her life story and that she has a chance to be ‘on stage’ to show how much life can give. If she was here, her wor'ds would be: “Darling, darling, you can look beautiful like a lady anywhere.” Ann Gibb – (Costume designer and daughter of the real Crocodile Man and the Pineapple Woman).

Tracks dedicates this performance to the memory of the original Pineapple Women - Samran Lapitz.

Director’s Notes

"Several years ago I was visiting Ann Gibb who was creating costumes for one of our shows. Amongst the piles of pink and orange fabric and jars of sequins I noticed a photo of a beautiful woman striking a glamorous, movie star type pose. As I looked closer I noticed she was actually standing up to her thighs in mud and holding onto a rope on the end of which was a crocodile!

“What’s this photo Ann? Is that really a crocodile?” She replied that this was her Mum. Originally from Thailand, she was a woman of style who loved to be glamorous no matter what the situation. She was known for her flamboyant parties, which the ‘who’s who’ of Darwin would attend. To the locals she was known as the pineapple woman. She had a pineapple stall on the side of the Stuart Highway and also at Rapid Creek each Sunday. “But what is she doing in the mud with a crocodile on the end of a rope?” Ann’s father was a crocodile hunter, originally a Hungarian refugee and a tradesman. He had not been in Australia long when he was told about the riches to be made in the Territory, so he travelled north swapping his tools for a gun. Together her Mum and Dad built a new life for themselves, a life that could only have grown from the Territory. The life of Ann’s parents is the inspiration for the show." - Tim Newth

"Here in Darwin we love our market life style and all the cultures that make it so, our close relationship to the crocodile, and our proud sense of being a bit different. This show explores a fantasy based in the reality we all know and love. Starting from the truth of a refugee who escaped Hungary and made a new life here with his recently arrived Thai wife, hunting and growing nearly everything they needed to survive. Then throw into the mix the heady days of the 1970’s, and the Northern Territory people’s love of a good night out after a hard day’s work and we end up with tonight’s moving feast. This truly pioneering Territory couple represents a time that cemented what has now come to be our sense of place. Please enjoy, knowing that we all share a part in making up our exciting local culture." - David McMicken

Creative Personnel

Direction: Tim Newth, David McMicken
Choreography: Joanna Noonan, Jess Devereux, David McMicken in collaboration with Sue Ross, Anne Ryan, Julia Quinn and cast
Costume Designer and Construction: Ann Gibb
Design: Tim Newth
Original Music and Soundtrack: David McMicken

Production and Promotions Personnel

Production and Stage Manager: Kelly Blumberg
Stage Manager: Mary Fox
Production and Stage Assistant: C. J. Fraser-Bell
Lighting and Sound Design, Install and Operation: Dreamedia
Properties and Stage Construction: Chris Kluge, Ann Gibb, Don Whyte Framing, Kelly Blumberg, Tim Newth
Promotions/Publicity: Gail Evans, Susan Congreve
Front of House Manager: Nicola Jackson
Head Usher: Charlie Marengo
Poster Image and Design: Mark Marcelis
Graphic Design: Narelle Sullivan
TV Advertisement: Todd Williams
Photographic Documentation: Jason Lam
Film Documentation: Cutting Edge (Todd Williams, Ian Redfearn and Andy Hyde)


Pineapple Women: Julia Quinn
Crocodile Man: Yoris Wilson
Friends of Pineapple Woman and Crocodile Man: Fred Baker, Ricky Borg, Venaska Cheliah, Melinda Christopher, Paul Coleman, Darren Edwards, Lauren French, Lynette Lewis, Ruttiya Mc Elroy, Kyle Ramboyong, Theeradet (Teddy) Suphannabutt, Melissa Tan
Country Women’s Association hostesses: Elle Chandler, Taylor Hails, Christi Hamon,
Kathryn Lawrence, Rachel McNeice, Leanne Pears, Kristy Renfrey, Jenelle Saunders, Bilha Smith


Out of the swampy depths of a reptilian river arises a uniquely Territorian love story. When a rugged loner takes his eyes off the crocodiles and sets his sights on the juicy Pineapple Woman it’s more than the weather that makes his temperature rise! Experience the bounty of the tropical Darwin markets, the heat and danger of the crocodile hunt and the flair of a 70’s big night out.

  • Scene One: The Pineapple Stall
  • Scene Two: The Swamp - the meeting of the Crocodile Man and the Pineapple Woman
  • Scene Three: The Engagement Party - a 70's celebration of love, disco and cultural difference


Sinulog (theme music): (Mike Hanopol M.)
Rabum See Vichai (Traditional Thai)
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2: (Liszt F.)
Theme From Shaft (Hayes I.)
The Look Of Love (Bacharach B./David H.)
Tico Tico (Instrumental) (Abreu Zequinh)
Spanish Flea (Wechter Julius L)|
Get Me To The Church On Time On Time: (Loewe F./Lerner A.)
Magnificent Seven (Theme) (Bernstein Elmer)
Celebration (Bell/Mickens/Toon/Taylor/Deodato/Bell/Sm)
Pineapple Princess (Sherman D./Sherman B.)
Kiss Me Honey Honey (Timothy A./Julien M.)
Zelda’s Theme (Previn Andre G.)
Khru (Ram Muay) (Thai Traditional)
I Feel Love (Bellotte P./Moroder G./Summer D.)
Love This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) (Jackson C./Yancy M.)
Play That Funky Music (Parissi Robert W.)
Best Of My Love (Mckay A./White M.)
Upside Down (Edwards B./Rodgers N.)
Disco Inferno (Green L./Kersey T.)
That’s The Way (I Like It) (Casey H./Finch R.)
They Long To Be Close To You (Bacharach B./David H.)
I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (Jones Gloria Richetta)

Thank You

Erwin Lapitz (the Crocodile Man), Chris Kluge, Rodger Dee and the team at Gardens Park Golf Links, TFH, Top End Hire, NT Scaffolding, James & the Team at Darwin Correctional Services, Ty at Northern Maritime Services, James Shenfield, Palm Springs, Territory Event Hire, CMA Recycling, Anna & Elise, Darwin Festival, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Brown's Mart, Wormald, NTRS, Don Whyte, Garry Fergusson, Slow Food Darwin and Top End, Miss Matariya Tinarach, Mrs Pannee Hill, Knock About Chefs, Bakita Centre St Vincent De Paul, Ushers (Helen Albion, Mary Anne Butler, Noya Chong Wah, Sally Crawford, Zoe Crawford, Stephanie Cvirn, Gail Evans, Andy Ewing, Dale Howard, Kylie Jericho, Jenny Milne, Bev Paget, Chris Paget, Nick Papandonakis, Sue Ross, Katie Saunders) and Tracks’ family and friends.


Gardens Park Golf Links, Perkins Shipping, Southern Cross Television, Dreamedia

Funding Bodies

Tracks is assisted by: the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and the Northern Territory Government

Tracks 2011

Artistic Co Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
General Manager: Susan Congreve
Administrator: Gail Evans
Production Manager: Kelly Blumberg
Dance Animateur: Jess Devereux
Bookkeeper: Caroline Voigt
Development Consultants: Michelle Silby, Suzanne Fermanis
Milpirri Executive Officer: Susan Congreve

Committee Members: (Chair) David Taylor, (Vice-Chair) Jill MacAndrew, (Treasurer) Glenn Bernardin, (Secretary/Public Officer) Michael Grant, (Ordinary Committee Members) Ken Conway, Nick Papandonakis, Joanna Barrkman, Stephanie Cvirn, (Ex-Officio Members) David McMicken and Tim Newth

Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Paul Wan

Patron: His Honour Mr Tom Pauling QC, Administrator of the Northern Territory and Mrs Tessa Pauling



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Media Response

“Quintessentially a product of the Top End. It defies definition except to say that it involves a spectacular flurry of dance music, camp cossies and over-the-top colours that bring the 1970s to life. … this is a dance show, which is thoroughly immersive.”  Michael Shirrefs, Artworks, ABC Radio National

“…high energy, playful… Fusing traditional Thai dance with Hungarian folk and Seventies’ disco. …definitely worth seeing this Darwin festival.”  Clara Mills, Artshub

Audience Response

“I must say though the Country Women's Association were very well presented, I mean to be so young and beautiful, thank you.  The Sergeant Major reminds me of me, bossy - she was great and so fit. I have the program and plan to take it to the meeting tomorrow now.”  Wendy White, President Country Women's Association Darwin Branch

“I loved it!! it was a happy show and I walked ( or sort of danced ) away feeling wonderful. Thanks for the energy and the music, made my heart sing.”  Sally Mason

“Keep up the excellent job in producing fantastic shows and also giving young NT dancers an opportunity to showcase their talents.” Thevi Chelliah

Feedback from audience survey:

“I don’t like to miss a Tracks performance! I love the way Tracks work with space and the environment. I walked away feeling energised, and so great to see local performers and arts workers doing their thing! “

“We attend the Tracks event every festival and love the ingenuity of the story and the NT flavour. Not to mention great location.”

“Tracks is based in the community, and their performances are about and involve the community. I go to Tracks performances because I value my community. I also love the paradigm Tracks see our community through.”

“Tracks reputation for putting on a good show and always a NT story show. An engaging and humorous show left me feeling happy and singing the songs.”
“I am a Tracks addict. Their work always challenges, reassures and fills out, all at the same time.”

“I have always enjoyed the "localness" of Tracks performances”

“I have seen and enjoyed many Tracks performances in the past and this particular show appealed due to the dancers involved, the style and 'topic' concerned and the location of the event.”



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