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Developing Artistic Practice

Choreolab 102 extends on the suite of learning opportunities in our Development Program at Tracks. The course, new in 2023, was devised and led by Jess Devereux. A 10-week movement workshop series offering a unique, fun and specialised environment for people to deepen their choreographic and movement interests, collaborative skills and enjoy creative conversations. 

Choreolab 102 was aimed at movement artists who had participated in past Tracks' Development Programs (Choreolabs and Space Time Studio Residencies) with some experience in movement in any style, and/or those with a current arts practice and curiosity to build on their dance knowledge.

Creative Team

Program Facilitator: Jess Devereux
Guest Facilitators: David McMicken, Steph Spillett
Participating Artists: Anita Afford, Darryl Butler, Venaska Cheliah, Flynn, Katy Moir, Kate Mornane, Jenelle Saunders, Tara Schmidt,  Jedda Scott, Kate Boston Smith, Crystal Thomas


"Everything about Tracks and its staff is supportive. The collaborative ethos and practical application, the gentle guidance and the invitations to take up opportunities or see things in a different way always leave me in awe." - Participant

"The opportunity to share time with other choreographers and undertake spontaneous choreographic tasks....Stepping off the familiar, not really knowing what will emerge until you do it is uncomfortable but incredibly stimulating to creative juices."  - Participant


Workshop Program

7th March - 9th May 2023

Company Partners

Tracks Inc is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

Tracks 2023

Artistic Director: David McMicken
Associate Artistic Director: Jess Devereux
Creative Producer: Britt Guy
Production Manager: Duane Preston
Dance Animateurs: Kelly Beneforti and Steph Spillett
Administrator: Debbie Micairan
Bookkeeper: It Figures
Auditors: Brian Tucker Audit

Committee Members: Chairperson: Max Dewa Stretton. Treasurer: Glenn Bernardin. Ordinary Members: Andrea Wicking, David Taylor, Ken Conway, Lachlan Peattie, Rachael Wallis, Anna Lindsay, Venaska Cheliah. Ex-Officio: David McMicken

Public Fund Trustees: Maari Gray and Michael Grant

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