Big Dance - Nightcliff


Nightcliff Foreshore, Darwin

Saturday May 6, 2017
Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival

In 2017, Tracks Dance Company invited Darwin to take part once again in the biggest world-wide participatory dance event, Big Dance. Following the moving performance of Big Dance Darwin 2016, Tracks brings world-renowned artist Akram Khan’s choreography to the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival. Welcoming participants of all ages and abilities, Big Dance Darwin unites our community in the belief that “everyone can dance”.

Big Dance Darwin 2017 focused on community groups in the Nightcliff area in the lead up to the Seabreeze Festival. Participation workshops were led by Tracks Artistic Co-Director David McMicken along with Bryn Wackett, and included: The Grey Panthers, a general public workshop, and the following schools - Nightcliff Primary School, Nightcliff Middle School, Millner Primary School and Dripstone Middle School.

About Big Dance

Big Dance began in the UK in 2006. Since its inception it has spread internationally to cities and towns around the world, involving entire global communities, encouraging fun through dance. For every Big Dance event, an internationally renowned choreographer is chosen to create a 5-minute dance that has the versatility for the widest possible assortment of dancers, of all skill levels, to join in. The choreography is taught to dance teachers who go on to teach the dance to as many people as possible. It goes viral and rapidly evolves into the largest celebration of dance in the world.
To get an idea of the event and to see the original choreography, go to the Big Dance UK website.


Aayusha Subedi, Akeisha McDonald, Allynna Batnag, Ammee Feredinands, Andre Areco, Anokai Lancaster, Antonietta Vanzella, Ashley Birkin, Austin Patay, Bianca Barberis, Bridget Riggs, Bryn Wackett, Camille Fong Lim, Charlotte Overson, Christine Sellman, Danielle Banwell, David McMicken, David Taylor, Deon Moss, Divyata Pandley, Ellen Jensen, Evie Dejager, Filomina De Castro, Fiona Shalley, Gabriele  Driver, Grace Fox, Grace Highman, Gwen Varney, Harini Bitla, Jacinta Saynor, Janine Sutter, Jenelle Saunders, Jerryko Bigfoot, Jo Parish, Katelyn Butler, Kathryn McMicken, Kean Nabua, Keilani Rotumah, Kristy Rickert, Kylie Highman, Lillian Mann, Lily Highman, Lizzi Webb, Lucy Rose, Luigi Gigante, Mahi Jethva, Maya Binks, Maliya Loveard, Marge Duminski, Maria Panatos, Maria Potter, Maria Vlastuin, MaryAnn Hinton, May Aye, Maya Niscioli, Mia Lay, Miggy Maduro, Mim Ellen-Barwell, Monica Jacobs, Nandalay Stitfold, Nicola Dodsworth, Nimila Heys, Nimue Wait, Patricia O'Neill, Pia Cowan, Rachel Conn, Sophie Chick, Sophie Kuswadi, Stacey Reynolds, Thevi Chelliah, Tia Bansal, Toni Vine-Bromley, Val Hristova, Valerie Mugabe, Yaseen Ursani


Darwin International Airport, Southern Cross TV

Government Partners

Tracks Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

Tracks 2017

Artistic Co-Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
General Manager: Agnès Michelet
Administrator: Clancy Breasley/Jessica Mellor
Production Manager: Mathew McHugh
Dance Animateur: Kelly Beneforti
Bookkeeper: Noya Chong Wah

Committee Members: Mary Durack (Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin (Treasurer), Michael Grant, David Taylor, Ken Conway, Stephanie Cvirn, Venaska Cheliah. David McMicken, Tim Newth, Agnès Michelet (Ex-Officio Members)

Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Ippei Okazaki

Patron: His Honour, The Honourable John Hardy OAM, Administrator of the Northern Territory



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Participation Projects

2017 Participation Program


In 2016 Tracks asked, ‘why do you want to be a part of Big Dance Darwin?’

“I’ve never been part of a dance performance before so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out of my comfort zone and be part of something BIG”.

“It is an amazing opportunity to share in this wonderful experience to dance with our fellow Darwin dancers.”

“Personally I’ve always wanted to dance in a Tracks production and this is a great community event.”

“What an amazing opportunity. It sounds like huge fun and I am feeling excited already”.

“It’s on my bucket list to be a part of a flash mob and when better than to support Tracks”.

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