2016/17 Studio Residents

Congratulations to our 2016 / 17 Space Time Studio Residents: Felicity Wardle, Kate Mornane, Nat Hafsteins, Venaska Cheliah, Darryl Butler and Jenelle Saunders.

Tracks offers studio space and time to Northern Territory resident dance artists in order to investigate, explore and develop new ideas for dance performance. Our focus is on emerging and independent dance practitioners. Space Time is a component of Tracks Dance Development Program.

Venaska Cheliah Nebula - "I hope to use this studio residency to further develop my skills as a choreographer/dancer. I would also like to use this an an opportunity to build relationships and develop a creative space between Tracks Dance Company and Dusty Feet dance collective in Alice Springs. I do not have a solid project idea as of yet. My current inspiration is the landscape around Central Australia and the colourful/unique life and community that is present there. I am also open to using film as a medium to portray my idea. There are many opportunities both in Central Australia and In the Top End that we can use to showcase our work. The Fringe festival being one of them and the other Unbroken Land."

Felicity Wardle Nebula -  "I hope to achieve two aims during my residency time. Firstly, use the space to develop and choreograph contemporary dance-circus pieces, with other local artists, for use in corporate performances during November and December. Secondly, explore some creative ideas for future performances and experiment with choreography techniques. Purely for play, expression and experimentation."

Kate Mornane Planetary"I would like to join forces with Tara Jane Schmidt, Jenelle Saunders and Alexandra Jordan. Each member will take turns running the sessions – bringing their ideas, personal attributes and experience to Space Time. This will provide excellent opportunities for each dancer to build confidence through facilitating and presenting ideas, and to see ideas expand and develop outside of the individual. The possibility to engage other dancers to facilitate or join sessions would also be exciting. Our group has backgrounds in social work, dance therapy, teaching, as well as a unifying love of dance.  So I envisage an enriching experience coming from each session. 
The overall theme I want to explore through my sessions is ‘emotion and communication through movement. A way of confining this broad theme of emotion and communication may be to spend some time looking at the concepts with regard to femininity and fertility. An age old quandary between the extremes of our expansive choices vs lack of control over our bodies."

Darryl Butler Nebula - He has twice participated in the Choreographic Development Course and is an active member of the Grey Panthers for whom he has also choreographed two numbers. As a senior himself he is particularly interested in how dance inhabits the seniors’ bodies. Darryl is using this residency to explore "echoes and memories” and is working with Tracks Co-Artistic Director David McMicken

Nat Hafsteins Planetary - "Explore further ideas into a new work. Embrace local dance artists in the work. Ideas are still forming."

Jenelle Saunders Planetary - "Dancemongers - The goal is to have time to be immersed in dance with a fellow dance maker, Kelly Beneforti (dancemongers). We have discussed the drive we each have to make space for a solid chunk of time within which to work together… and bring ideas that we are both intrigued by... to make the dance that we would want to see."

Keep an eye on Tracks facebook page for more info on the artists and their projects.