2007 Arafura Game Opening Ceremony


TIO Sports Stadium, Marrara, Darwin

May 12, 2007

Following the huge success of our 2005 ARAFURA GAMES OPENING CEREMONY Main Act, the Company has again been chosen to direct the largest performance event in the Northern Territory. This is the perfect platform to show off our entire “dance company” that we work with. Showcasing diverse cultures and age groups to a live local, national and international audience of over 14,000 and a television audience throughout Australia and South East Asia

The 35-minute dance performance involved 255 performers from 14 different groups and styles. Cultural Groups, High School and studio groups were engaged to participate. After an audition for youth dancers, the cast entered into a 10-week rehearsal period. A group called the ‘guest men’, made up of local personalities, was drawn together later in the process. Each group initially rehearsed separately then jig-sawed together to form 4 sections, coming together in the last 2 weeks, to create one piece.

Director's Notes 

Tracks took on this government contract with a brief requesting we not work with a Northern Territory narrative, but to create something that was entertainment-based, that belonged more to the larger Arafura region and that it be a little bit ‘Las Vegas’ in feel. I felt really proud of what we created. It was really slick, action-packed entertainment with a totally local cast.

Tim Newth

Creative Personnel

Concept: Tim Newth
Directors: Tim Newth, David McMicken, Julia Quinn
Cultural Dance Leaders:
David Chin (Chung Wah Lion and Dragon Society), Poppy Kathopoulis (Greek Group), Julia Gray (Sunameke and Pacific Islands), Bridgeen Marron (Rince Na Eireann Irish Dance troupe), Esperanza Estelle Quindara (Filipino group)
Youth Dance Leaders: Erwin Fenis, Kelly Beneforti, Vera Marie Tabuzo, Corina Nichols, Imanuel Dado


Sunameke Pacific Island Performance

Julia Gray, Aniheta Crombie, Kauri (Cody) Westrupp, Dakota Nichols Jones, Dion Westrupp, Elijah Mcleod, Griffin Nichols Jones, Hudson Higlett, Indira Jones, Isaiah Mcleod, Jeremy Donohoe, Keama Aniheta, Kiriana James, Mali Gray, Mali Jones, Melissa Morgado, Moale James, Paia Ingram, Paia Juste Constant, Palu Worby, Pamela Cameron, Puru Westrupp, Ranu James, Rita Kontaratos, Salevasa Gray, Sosefina Fuamoli, Summer Stephenson, Tau Worby, Yola Gray, Yomei Jones

Chung Wah Society Lion Troupe

David Chin, Rohan Chin, Zac Chan, Blake Timms, Joel Tinley, Victor Jong, Nathan Tam, Warren Wong

Austin Martial Arts Soo Bahk Do Display Team

Alex Austin, Darren Jewell, David Lawton, Heather Moorcroft, Ingrid Herbert, Jasmine Tremblay, Joe Parry, Kylie McMartin, Lauren Brotherton, Louise Austin, Stephen McGrath, Thor Ulstrup

Kiribati Multicultural Association

Alipate Terepo, Bennet Muller, Edwina Muller, Elisbesi Terepo, Erma Muller, John Terepo, Lulu Terepo, Philp Muller, Rita Terepo, Rosa Norman, Rosanne Muller, Rosia Muller, Rudi Muller, Saupo Muller

Greek Dance Group

Alex Hatzivalsamis, Anastasia Koulianos, Chris Kristakis, Chrissa Skandarlaris, Despina Cleanthous, Dina Tsougranis, Emanual Seriotis, Holli Braithwaite, Irene Skillas, Joanna Kaltourimidis, Kathleena Skandarlaris, Lorena Diaoris, Maria Koulianos, Maria Pastrikos, Melissa Siriotis, Michael Papathomas, Mikelina Hourdas, Poppy Kathopoulis, Skevos Troumouliaris, Strathos Melas, Sylvia Geranis, Sylvia Hourdas, Thomas Seriotis, Valanti Patmios

Rince Na Eireann Irish Dance Group

Alex Gotze, Bridgeen Marron, Caitlin Darby, Claire Marron, Dixie Blake, Elouisa Edwards, Georgia Glass, Georgia Scott, Janie Miles, Jessica Flight, Josie Blake, Madison Glass, Mara Dobrini, Michaela Blake, Owen Spencer, Rochelle Blake, Shauna Maguire-Olstad, Shawnee Mepham, Siobhan Maguire-Olstad, Taylah Cramp, Tea Glass, Tracey Mepham

Filipino Dance Group

Danarose Mary Dizon, Esperanza Estelle Quindara, Freychel Taylor, Maria Gemma Cabunsol, Rachael Marie Gain, Vera Marie Tabuzo

Tracks Youth Dancers

Amanda Lay, Andy Lay, Anokai Lancaster, Anthony Nolen, Ashley Abbott, Beau Ruutz, Cameron Goodman, Chantelle Jamila Murray, Christi Hamon, Clare Simpson, Corina Nichols, Eliza McClelland, Elle Megaw, Erwin Fenis, Estelle Quindara, Flavio Jong, Gary Bui, Georgia Canning, Grant Nery, Hannah Grant, Imanuel Dado, Jasmine Tremblay, Jason Chau, Jennifer Lay, Jensinse Rickert, John Ferrer, John Rigas, John Vargas, Karina Glasby, Kasi Chong, Katena Valastro, Katrina Firth, Kelly Beneforti, Kristy McAllister, Lea Santos, Lian Low, Maddison Ash, Mahima Amy, Maja Lukic, Maryanne Roufeil, Ned Dorman, Paul Viojan, Primae Matuguina, Rachael Abbott, Ricky Borg, Rochelle Chin, Stevie Kirk-Groves, Tamara Goodman, Taylor Hailes, Vera Tabuzo

Darwin High School

Ashlee Houston, Bianca Javier, Carmen Jap, Carola Brockshcmidt, Casey Evans, Kate Ryan, Kathryn Lawrence, Kesteill Vane Eck, Kristanty Batuk, Kristi Renfrey, Lana Renshaw, Lanii Wagstaff, Olivia Mc Clelland, Paige Mischker, Patricia Tamayo, Rodeuta Ringuet, Sawadu Dai, Stevie Smith

Grey Panthers Senior Women’s Dance Group

Antonietta Vanzella, Audrey Gorring, Bette Chapman, Chris Parker, Crena Hemmings, Dianne Mount, Elaine Marlow, Ellen Hankin, Gwen Varney, Helen Murphy, Jacquie Williams, Jan Hastings, Janine Sutter, Judith Allen, Judy McKerr, Kathleen Harding, Lillian Mann, Liz Gammon, Lucy Aylett, Marg Lee, Marge Duminski, Maria Vlastuin, Mavis Waddell, Michelle Robles, Patricia O'Neil, Punny Vegter, Shirley Somers, Val Hristova

Darwin School of Ballet

Alexandra Presswell, Bea Smith, Elle Chandler, Emma Foley, Hayley Kelly, India Wilson, Josephine Parian, Josephine Tchia, Kate Boyd, Laura McIntyre, Myra Anderson, Phoebe Mansfield, Rachael Gargan, Sasha Beekman, Sasha Lai, Sonja Simonato

Guest Men's Dance Group

Alan McGill, Daniel Alderman, David Hastings, Dr Reginald Prasad, Gerry Wood MLA, Jim Inglis, Jimmy Doyle, Lyndon Bradshaw, Mal Mundy, Mick Denigan, Paul Burrett, Quito Washington, Robert McGreggor, Rod Joyce, Roland Duering, Sani Townson, Steve Muras, Ted Warren MLA, Tom Pauling, Vic Middleton, William Joyce, Xavier Burrow

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

Emil Coutts-Kidd, Joshua Ingrames, Luke Ingrames

Casuarina Secondary College

Jennifer Lee, Michaela Da Costa, Candice Sanchez


Cultural Section

Beginning with a welcoming song (Pacific Islanders), moving through Chinese Lions, the Lotus fan dance, martial arts (Asian Blessing - Lotus opens), Pacific Islanders (Tin), Irish (Morning Dew), Greek (Pentazolis), and Filipino (Tinikling), this was an eclectic mix of dance that concluded with a Cultural Finale (Zorba).


Utilising the skills of the Grey Panthers Senior women’s group, we see how romantic camping in the Territory outback can be - if only there were no mosquitoes! Having been chased into their tents the romance continues with a love duet danced by Erwin Fenis and Kelly Beneforti, surrounded by ballerinas in sparkling white. As a large group of men enter the space, things start to heat up, until the women are revealed in all their ballroom finery. Dancing the night away, the clock strikes and the fantasy fades.

A Time for Change

Youth dancers storm the oval, building a future filled with a different energy. The ‘funk’ takes flight


An extravagant finale with all performers and an amazing fireworks display. 

Tracks 2007

Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
General Manager: Fiona Carter
Dance Animateur: Julia Quinn
Youth Dance Animateur: Erwin Fenis
Administrative Assistant: Skye Raabe
Bookkeeper: Julie Ann Stark
Development Consultant: Suzanne Fermanis

Committee Members: (Chair) Jill MacAndrew, (Vice-Chair) Jackie Wurm/David Taylor, (Treasurer) Glenn Bernardin, (Secretary/Public Officer) Traci Keys, (Ordinary Committee Members) Ken Conway, Nick Papandonakis, Donna Quong, (Ex-Officio Members) David McMicken and Tim Newth

Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Paul Wan



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