1995 Grey Panthers


Brown's Mart Community Arts, Darwin City

Throught the year

We focused on the creation of a new full-length work called Healthy Wealthy and Wise in 1995. The Grey Panthers were fully committed to all aspects of the creation of this work. Their enthusiasm, energy, and obvious pleasure stemmed from the material being directly related to them and created in the most part by and with them. These ladies are a role model for other arts workers, showing what can result through dedication.

The work reflected the honesty these women brought to the studio when discussing their health issues, bringing a commonality to the group as they were able to assist each other through issues. As Greta Quong, performer, stated: “It is the fun we achieve that keeps us young.”

Creative Team

Program Leaders: Sarah Calver, with David McMicken
Guest Tutors: Joanna Barrkman (banner design), Anja Tait (music) and Tim Newth (visuals)
Choreographers: Sarah Calver, David McMicken


Inger Andersson, Kath Baldwin, Kay Brown, Adie Bruce, Audrey Gorring, Von Hill, Glad Morris, Greta Quong, Hanna Stamm, Audrey Svara, and Joyce Tickell

Tracks Dance Collective 1995

Co-Artistic Directors: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Tim Newth

[Under Brown's Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]


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“Outrages Oldies give all in cabaret of Courage.”  The Daily Planit

“These women tell their stories with a physicality and sense of enthusiasm that can only enhance our culture’s self-worth." Maggi Phillips

Cast Responses

“Brought back so many memories. Eleven wonderful women working together and no bitchiness – amazing.” Kay Brown

“I came alive again, it took ten years off me just to realise I could still do all this and remember everything…This is our time of life.” Glad Morris

“We laughed until tears rolled down our cheeks. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it all again.” Audrey Svara

“Getting out and doing things is far better for health than sitting in front of the ‘goggle box’. Life is for living.” Adie Bruce

“A feeling of great energy and friendship. The feeling of goodwill.” Audrey Gorring

“Brain searching, lots of laughs, achievement and comradeship.” Kath Baldwin

“The companionship makes us realize that we still have a lot of living to do. It’s not only the young who can get pleasure from a cabaret.” Von Hill

“I laughed a lot. I learned a lot more about drugs: I did not know so many were used.” Joyce Tickell

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