1992 Grey Panthers

1992 Grey Panthers


    Brown's Mart Community Arts, Darwin City

    Throughout the year, 1992

    By 1992 the Older Adults Group of the Darwin Dance Mob have proven themselves to be one of the most stable groups in the Community Dance program. Their weekly 1.5-hour dance class maintains and increases skill and fitness, while their many community one-off performances keep them in the public eye.

    A major work for the women was the Old Spice Club Cabaret, working with dance and dramatic material from every era the women had lived, from the 1920s to the current day, and accompanied live by the Old Spice Club Band. The show was Directed by Joanna Barrkman with Merrilee Mills as Musical Director.

    The women also performed in the full-length community event Tracks and Clusters performing 'Under the Banyan Tree', finding that special place in the garden.

    Beyond the major performance season of Old Spice Club, the women performed for 19 other community events including Council of the Ageing (COTA), University of the Third Age (U3A), Darwin and Palmerston Bowls Clubs, Inner Wheel, local high schools, Hey Hey It’s Saturday Red Faces (Second place), Palmerston Markets, Life Be In It, Evergreens Club, Mixtures at the Mart, and their popular Christmas show at seniors homes.

    Creative Team

    Program Leader: Sarah Calver, with David McMicken
    Guest Tutors: Joanna Barrkman and Merrilee Mills
    Choreographer: Sarah Calver, David McMicken

    Program Leaders

    Sarah Calver and David McMicken
    Guest Artists: 


    Inger Andersson, Kath Baldwin, Ruth Blandy, Adie Bruce, Julie Dowson, Audrey Gorring, Glad Morris, Marie Porter, Lila Prochazka, Greta Quong, Marjorie Reynolds, Joy Soullier, Frida Staats, Hanna Stamm, Audrey Svara, and Jean Young Smith


    Dance Development Office: David McMicken

    [Under Brown’s Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]

    back row l-r Audrey Gorring, Adie Bruce, Marie Porter, Julie Dowson, Jean Young Smith, Ruth Blandie, Marjorie Reynolds, Audrey Svara, Inger Andersson, Hanna Stamm, Kath Baldwin front row l-r, Lila Prochazka (kneeling), Glad Morris (kneeling), Frida Staats, Greta Quong. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    l-r, Hanna Stamm, Inger Andersson. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    l-r, (sitting) Greta Quong, standing Audrey Gorring, Marjorie Reynolds back (sitting) Glad Morris. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    l-r, Audrey Gorring, Adie Bruce, Audrey Svara, Kath Baldwin. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    l-r (holding banner) Kath Baldwin, Joy Soullier, Hanna Stamm, Marie Porter, Frida Staats. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    Back row l-r Frida Staats, Marjorie Reynolds, Kath Baldwin, Jean Young Smith front row l-r Audrey Gorring, Ruth Blandie, Glad Morris, Marie Porter kneeling front Lila Prochazka. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    l-r Joy Soullier, Audrey Gorring, Lila Prochazka, Adie Bruce, Marie Porter, Marjorie Reynolds, Jean Young Smith, Julie Dowson?, Ruth Blandie, Inger Andersson, Hanna Stamm, Greta Quong. Sitting Frida Staats. Old Spice Club Cabaret
    Joy Soullier, Adie Bruce, Jean Young Smith, Audrey Gorring, Frida Staats, Audrey Svara, Inger Andersson, Kath Baldwin, Lila Prochazka, Glad Morris, Greta Quong, Marie Porter, Ruth Blandy. Tracks and Clusters. Photographer David McMicken

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    “There is little of the granny in these surprising women, and that little is the sharp twinkling of eyes, relishing life’s partnership in spite of its whims and false moves.” Maggi Phillips

    “… the humour is always quick, and there is no room for prudes on stage or in the audience.” Marney White, Northern Territory News

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