1990 Grey Panthers


Brown's Mart Community Arts, Darwin City

Throughout the year, 1990

Starting the year 1990 working with folk dancer Claudia Barbas, the women of the Older Adults Dance Mob Group devised an Easter Parade performed at the Seniors Citizens’ Club. Adding to their folk repertoire, the women began adapting various dances, such as a goodbye dance from the Netherlands. They performed 'Zemir Atik' – a slow and graceful Yeminite dance, whose lyrics translate as ‘We will return again to ancient tunes’, 'Ceresna' – a Macedonian wedding dance, and 'Boanopstekker' – a social dance of the Netherlands. This performance encouraged the other seniors to join in and have fun. The women also performed at the senior citizens’ Life Be In It camp at Batchelor.

The Women were performers in the Brown's Mart community dance performance of Thru Moves.

Creative Team

Program Leader: Sarah Calver
Guest Tutors: Sue Ross
Choreographer: Sarah Calver


Jo Davis, Audrey Gorring, Elsie Thompson, Glad Morris, Marie Porter, Lila Prochazka, Joy Soullier and Margaret Wight


Dance Development Office: Sarah Calver

[Under Brown’s Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]


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“Their energy, commitment and individuality create an evening of dance that will delight the most sedentary viewers.” Lightening Times

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