1989 Grey Panthers


Brown's Mart Community Arts, Darwin City

Throught the year, 1989

The Older Adults Dance Mob Group continued their weekly classes in 1989. For the May Day March they performed as Mother Earth figures leading the various groups to the performance area.

The women performed in the large-scale community dance event, Dancing Tapestries, and also participated in several one-off charitable performances at such places as Nungalinya College, Tracey Lodge old people’s home, and the Salvation Army rest home. Working with Music Therapist, Renate Marek, the Older Adults created a Christmas show to perform at various seniors homes. The performance consisted of a modern Cha Cha, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’, a Christmas dance adapted from a Netherlands folk dance, a Macedonian wedding dance, an Islamic folk dance and various Christmas carols.

Creative Team

Program Leader: Sarah Calver
Choreographers: Sarah Calver


Barbara Fletcher, Jo Davis, Lila Prochazka, Willis Gerrig, Audrey Gorring, Glad Morris, Marie Porter, Joy Soullier, Elsie Thompson and Margaret Wight


Dance Development Office: Sarah Calver

[Under Brown’s Mart Community Arts – Executive Officer Ken Conway]


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“All Darwin joined in the tapestry of dance, a community dance event that brought together hoofers aged 4 – 77 in a wonderful weave of movement, sound, silks, and sticks for one night only.” June Kane Northern Territory News, September 25, 1989

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