Hear from Aaron Lim, Studio Resident 2017/18

Aaron Lim, well know Darwin B-Boy and one of the Tracks studio residents, talks about what he’s been working on during his residency, what 2018 holds for him, and what he loves about being a dance artist in the NT.

“I’ve had this crazy obsession over [movement] qualities. I recorded myself doing a whole bunch of different qualities…started slicing it together and then tried to do that again. But I also did that live as well, just trying to mix qualities and seeing what happens. I tried to be as far away from ‘breaking’ as possible… I found it really hard to find different qualities, I didn’t really know where to look, so my approach was like ‘what is completely not breaking?’ Normally I dance with my shoes on, I even took my shoes off…just to see what came out of it.

[In 2018] I’ve got a few show dates for Between Tiny Cities, which is the show with [choreographer] Nick Power...That will be shown at APAM, out in Hong Kong, and possibly Europe… Most excited? Europe… I’ve never been so I’m super excited.

When I was younger, I used to knock being in Darwin but I will never knock it again, because Darwin is such a crazy place for opportunity in dance…because you have great people like Tracks who bring a whole different bunch of styles together and different people from all over Australia to collaborate…I would not be where I am now without doing [Tracks Dance show] Struck back in 2008.”