Grey Panthers 30 year Calender

In 2018, Tracks Dance is celebrating 30 years of the Grey Panther's dance troupe. To do so we have created a 2018 calendar with memorable photos over the past thirty years.

A unique Northern Territory dance troupe, with participants predominantly over the age of 60. The Grey Panthers are ‘successful’, ‘productive’, ‘healthy’ and ‘positive’ role models for active ageing and life long learning. The group sets high expectations for themselves and constantly rise above them, enjoying their lives and living them to the fullest. Anything but flighty, this amazing group show us what happens when you commit to long term extended relationships and links into your community.

Tracks has a long term relationship with the Grey Panthers, begun in 1988 and continuing to the present. The Grey Panthers have made a major contribution to the company’s body of work. They explore what it means to part of the Aging Australian population and the role of the elder in contemporary Northern Territory Life.

Join us at our Annual Tracks Fun-raiser @ Deckchair Cinema, 8th October 2017 to purchase your very own copy of the 2018 Calendar or contact us at the Tracks Office.

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