2014 You Dance Funny - The Sequalé


Darwin Airport Aviation Institute, Marrara, Darwin

August 8-12, 15-19, 2014
Darwin Festival

Roll up, roll up as the world’s whack-iest dance carnival returns to town! Step into the ring for a mystical night of entertainment with this star-studded line up of freaks, misfits and has-beens. Forget the nail-biting climax of ‘Dancing With the Stars’. Forget the anguish of who to vote for on ‘Australian Idol’. YOU DANCE FUNNY delivers the sort of edge of your seat drama not experienced in Darwin since Mavis Chin took out ‘First Runner Up’ in the closely contested ‘packed lunch’ section of the 1967 Freds Pass Show.

Wacky Dance Carnival

The Inferno family and their wacky dance carnival have returned from their second rate disaster tour of South East Asia [see You Dance Funny 2007]. World changes have forced their return to Australia and in Darwin they are in search of ‘new acts’ for their next biggest thing – their Australian Rural, Regional, and Remote Tour [ARRRT]. Performed in cabaret style in a boxing ring under a mirror ball under the stars. The performance uses the shorter time frame format of stand-up ‘dance jokes’ and incorporates loads of audience participation and community dance group performances. Fusing dance, theatre and comedy forms with contemporary political commentary on arts, culture and immigration.

Written in collaboration with local writer and performer Gail Evans. A professional cast of six comedians and dancers will be joined by local community performers and a mix of comic community dance groups.

Creative Personnel

Concept / Direction: David McMicken
Designer / Assistant Director: Tim Newth
Writer: Gail Evans with David McMicken and Kin Leong
Choreography: David McMicken, Jess Devereux and the cast
Original Costumes: Ann Gibb
Original Music: Matthew Cunliffe, David McMicken and Yoris Wilson


The Inferno Family

Femmina da Inferno (The Ring Mistress): Gail Evans
As head of the family she keeps this show on the road. With a heavy vehicle driver’s licence, a penchant for competition, and the rhythm of the dance-floor pulsing through her veins, this lady sets the pace in the ring.

Ruffiano Inferno (The Ring Master): Yoris Wilson
With one foot on the dance-floor and one foot in the bedroom, just try to keep pace with this hot-footed, hot-blooded pseudo-Latino lover.

Cara Inferno: Kelly Beneforti
‘Miss Junior Runner Up’ Barrow Creek callisthenics – she can bend, she can flex, she can do the splits. With moves like these, lock up your sons while she is in town!

Mia Inferno: Ciella Willliams
This twin has a fist full of second place cheerleading prizes and an impressive mastery of the Japanese language; without a doubt the most talented Round Card girl in the business.
(Cara and Mia were conjoined twins, separated at birth, now sharing a brain between them.)

Cugino Secondina (The Judge): Damien Murray
“Dear Cugino”, second cousin twice removed, from Tuppy Downs to Darwin, Australia’s Silver medallist prize-winning Tap Dog look a like – don’t let those good looks fool you, he’s got a knockout punch!

Maximus Impactus (The Producer and Judge): Jose Casimiro
Director and choreographer of the Red Beret Ballet Company and the unforgettable television masterpieces ‘The Dancing Chef’ and ‘Entertaining at Home with Kim Jong Il’. Hitch your wagon to Asia’s leading event promoter.

Minimal Invincible: Kyle Ramboyong
The Producer’s number one son. The girls will swoon, the boys will be busting a break to compete with him - from flip-flop hip-hop to boy band banality, Minimal has got it all.

The Challengers

Hoopla: Jon Clarke
Ms. Elenora Dunkley: Darryl Butler
Carol the Yodeling Cowgirl: Tahnee Cvirn
Crocolicious: Elle Chandler
Kareena and Karishma: Venaska Cheliah and Apoorva Baranitharan
Juke Newton, Skyewalker and Roller Curl: Ryan Newton, Skye Manley and Renee Lichtenberger
Salsa Boxing: Enrico Escalona and Michelle Carpini
*Nightly Challengers were drawn from the above

The Heckler’s

Arthur Lariosa, Maddy Brown, Macon Riley, Heidi West, Will Nery and Stephanie Spillet
*Nightly Hecklers were drawn from the above


Introduction to the Famiglia Del’Inferno
Round One: Wipe Out
Round Two: Dance like a True Aussie
Round Three: The Magical Book of several special Dance styles
Round Four: Twerk Safe
Round Five: The Grande Challenge - auditions
Round Six: Dance Karaoke
Round Seven: No Girly Moves
Round Eight: This is what you call Dancing
Finale: La Famiglia Del’Inferno Extravaganza

Production and Promotions Personnel

Production Manager: Kelly Blumberg
Stage Manager: CJ Fraser Bell
Assistant Stage Manager: Visalini Vinu
Lighting and Sound Design, Install and Operation: Dreamedia
Follow Spot Operator: Bence Szabo
Stage Construction: Correctional Services Work Parties
Costumes and Properties Construction: Mariana Cleanthous, Kelly Blumberg and Tim Newth
Original Sound Engineer: Matthew Cunliffe
Promotions/Publicity: Clancy Breasley and Susan Congreve
Head Stewards: Charlie Marengo and Sally Crawford
Front of House Manager: Nicola Jackson
Poster Image and Design: Mark Marcelis
Graphic Design: Narelle Sullivan
Advertisement (Video): Todd Williams
Photographic Documentation: Peter Eve
Film Documentation: Todd Williams and Dreamedia


Darwin International Airport, Dreamedia, Southern Cross TV, Brian Tucker, Eddie Willoughby-Smith, “It’s Australian” (Nightly Prizes)

Thank You

Ian Kew, Darwin International Airport, Carmel Hilton, Sitzler Pty Ltd, Heather Hyde, H&R Development Pty Ltd, Territory Party Hire, Darwin Festival, Darwin Correctional Services Work Parties and James Shaw, Dreamedia, Greening Australia, Julie Blyth, John and Roz Siriotis, Lana at TFH, David Taylor and the Knockabout Chefs, Don Whyte, Wormald, NT School of Music, Boltz, NT Scaffolding, Pam and Kevin, Eyesight Security, McMinns Pumping, The Grey Panthers, Department of Corporate and Information Services – NTG Fleet Services, Tina McCourt, Dance World Darwin, and all of our wonderful ushers and volunteers.

Funding Bodies

Tracks Inc is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and is proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

Tracks 2014

Artistic Co Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
General Manager: Susan Congreve
Administrator: Clancy Breasley / Gail Evans
Production Manager: Kelly Blumberg
Dance Animateur: Jess Devereux
Bookkeeper: Heather Van Anholt
Geek in Residence: Jeffrey Withaya Campbell

Committee Members: Michael Grant (Chairperson), Glenn Bernardin, (Treasurer) David Taylor, Ken Conway, Stephanie Cvirn, Kate Hudspith, Mary Durack. David McMicken, Tim Newth, and Susan Congreve (Ex-Officio Members)

Public Fund Trustees: Rev. Steve Orme, Dr Anita Toth, Ippei Okazaki

Patron: Her Honour the Honourable Sally Thomas AC, Administrator of the Northern Territory



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Audience Response

“Very entertaining, well scripted, high production values.”

“Locations continue to Surprise and these are an integral part of following a Tracks production.”

“It was funny, topical, had a great 'live' skin-of-teeth feel and good incorporation of pitch black intrusion. Also impressive dancing without being ostentatious and nice to get on my feet too and have a jiggle.”

“Darwin expects Tracks' festival events to be innovative, world-class, small-scale extravaganzas.”

“Fantastic, TRACKS always surprises, entertains and draws different sections of the Darwin community to perform and watch.”

“I really loved the Show, the use of the mise en scene canopy of the trees, on dusk lighting; the kind and quality of the yummy food; the participatory engagement; dancing ourselves as audience. The politics of what is otherwise encountered as funny, as humour, is fantastic.”

“What I appreciate about Tracks is your versatility . Your audience will never get bored.”

"Quite political in content - but very relevant to the NT."

"Very funny and engaging I laughed a lot and enjoyed the talented NT artists on stage.  Cleverly written and informative especially the twerk, health and safety awareness!"

"A great HOOT !Particularly liked the current local and political content."

"It was funny, topical and had a great 'live' skin-of-teeth feel."

"Loved the local story telling and intimacy of the location, which made you feel part of a colourful eccentric multi cultural party - which is Darwin!"

“This year I went with a group of sponsors to see 'You Dance Funny'. Everyone in our group loved the performance. Many of us have seen most Tracks performances and this was one of the best. This performance was entertaining for everyone - not just those who enjoy dancing. It kept everyone engaged throughout and was great fun. We loved the local storytelling and intimacy of the location, which made you feel part of a colourful eccentric multi cultural party - which is Darwin!” Andrea Lee

“Loved it - very entertaining, witty and soo Territorian!!” Esther Egger

Cast Response

“the show ignores all that and pushes back boundaries that others would not attempt and shows leadership in the process. The NT is largely a bastion, a remnant even, of Australian self-deprecation as a path to excellence and innovation. While that quality is steadily eroded by national values and the colonisation of the NT by Southern stifle, a show like YDFTS celebrates and gives breath to the difference.” Daryl Butler

“Personally this was one of the best things I have been involved in over the last 25 - 30 years. It also gave me an opportunity to improve on all aspects of my performance skills. It certainly has ignited an interest in wanting to perform again and to be an active arts and cultural worker.” Jose Casimiro

“I gained an opportunity to extend my ability to continually renew a performance- seeking new character development, and motivations for action/behaviour/responsiveness/improvisation throughout the season. I also feel like this project has given me the experience of working amongst a highly skillful group of performers- and importantly, with a skill base that is very different to my own (ie theatre/comedy/script writing). Through collaboration with these performers, I gained greater confidence in my ability to contribute creatively to this kind of performance.” Kelly Beneforti

“Developing work over a longer performance season was also extremely valuable.” Jon Clarke

“Tracks is growing the professional community of dancers and actors, and providing opportunities for these performers to commit to living and working in the Northern Territory…... Provides opportunities for members of the broader community to participate Demonstrates a long standing commitment towards providing audiences in the NT with high quality and engaging work that is relevant and meaningful to their daily lives.” Kelly Beneforti

“I am still amazed at how well the company looks after its participants despite the number of years I've been involved!” Venaska Cheliah


7.30 Report NT August 1


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