Recollections - Corrugated Iron Youth Arts co-production


Nightcliff Community Centre, Darwin

May 22 and 23, 1999

A co-production between Tracks Dance Company and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts concieved by David Mc Micken with Karen Manton.

A multimedia, intergenerational afternoon for recollections and formation of new memories.

RECOLLECTIONS looks at how our initial experiences form the basis of our memory, how we store that information, manipulate it over time and then replay and relive it. Recollections looks at the human condition and places it side by side with technology. What do we use to trigger our memories, and how do we make sense of things over time?

Creative Personnel

Director: David McMicken
Collaborator and co-conceiver: Karen Manton
Co-Director: Jenine MacKay
Fabric Artist: Joanna Barrkman
Video Art: Stella Simmering
Musical Director: Claire Kilgariff


Grey Panthers, Corrugated Iron Youth Theatre, Darwin High School techno-music students, Trebles Without a Chord, Cringe Youth Band, Stuart Park Pensioners Workshop

Key Oranizations

Tracks Dance Company, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, NT Alzheimer’s Association and NT Carers Association


  1. Arrive
  2. Welcome
  3. Explanations
  4. Play time, look and interact
  5. Games
  6. Performance section:
  • Kay Brown’s Anecdote – a pair of shoes can haunt you for half a century
  • Kringer - Youth Band
  • Techno music from Darwin High school
  • Trebles Without a Chord
  • Adam tells of his proudest moment
  • Small Works chamber group
  • Delicia’s Poem
  • Dance Express: Corrugated Iron’s dancers
  • Chiara tells a story – the pink bike
  • Grey Panthers History Repeating dance
  1. Afternoon tea
  2. Interaction and recollections
  3. Information gathering


Let you mind and body wander through the gallery. Feel free to leave your own memories

  • Fragments: Memorabilia table – photos, old books, music sheets, clothing
  • ICU: Camera and monitor, see live what is going on around
  • Ro(a)m-ing (CD ROM Display) People can play with interactive CD ROM
  • Web Weavers: live creation of the Recollections web page – intergenerational
  • Surf the net for ‘memory’ sites or email your friends
  • Solid Gold: record player and records - Significant songs playing
  • ‘Compusitions’: Techno music compositions on computer
  • Photo Shop: creating photo albums
  • Slide Night: Series of slides projected onto a screen set up in a wardrobe of old clothes, shoes, jewellery. The viewer controls the slides
  • Mega Bytes: recipes pinned to the wall, old recipe books, cooking going on in the kitchen
  • Captured: A composite video person (Stella) – hands feet and eyes caught in the act of recollecting
  • Memory Cushions (Joanna Barrkman): Photographic images ironed onto material and made into the centre piece of a cushion


  • Cartoonist
  • Circle of age
  • Memory cushions
  • COTA web page
  • Stella’s video bodies
  • Reminiscence chair
  • Therapeutic devices
  • Floor pads
  • Dementia cards - music and visuals CD ROM.
  • Writing
  • Drawing

Joanna’s visuals - memory cushions

Tracks Dance 1999

Artistic Directors: David McMicken and Tim Newth
Administrator: Amanda Carlton

Inaugural Committee Members: David Taylor (Chair), Ken Conway (Vice-Chair) Chris Raynal (Treasurer), Rukshana Ramachandran (Secretary/Public Officer), Tania Lieman, Jackie Wurm, Kez Hall, Nick Papandonakis (Ordinary Committee Members), David McMicken and Tim Newth (Ex-Officio Members)


Explore Further

Older Adults Home Page

Eras of Youth Dance


Everyone has favourite memories, bad memories, forgetful times and thoughts that persist. We all respond to memories, our own and other people’s, adding and subtracting, making stories. Many triggers send us back to our memories.

A great deal of our time is spent recollecting and replaying the past. Did you know that the average teenager spends more time than a senior ‘recollecting’ events? The experience of the eight-year-old falls quickly into memory, caught in a web spreading through time. The eighty-year-old remembers the child they were and the memory is new again. The song may be different but the response is the same.

Capture, manipulate, store and share your memories.

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