WIRNTIKI (Bush Stone Curlew) news

WIRNTIKI (Bush Stone Curlew)
Drawn By: Tim Jupurrula Kennedy (dec), or Jacko Jakamarra Gordon
Date drawn: 2005
Family: Daniels, Rockman, Timms, Hudson
Kirda: Rockman family
Kurdungurlu: Lily Nungarrayi Hargraves

The Bush Stone Curlew is known for it haunting call. (click here for information about the Bush Curlew) It is commonly found around water holes in the Pritti Pritti area (Learn more about the Pritti Priti aera). The Rockman family who are Kirda for this banner are well know painters in Lajamanu  (click here to learn more about there painting designs which have been well documented by Barbara Glowczewski in her book Dream Trackers). The word Wirntiki is also the name for  a blunt knife which is used in cooking (Find out more in the Warlpiri dictionary). The words Kirda and Kurdungurlu are Warlpiri relationship words (read more from this Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics article). Watch this video of the Wirntiki dance as dance by Tim Jupurrula Kennedy.