Welcome to our Man Made cast

An exciting cast of 26 males for our Darwin Festival show, Man Made have started rehearsals this week.

A big warm Tracks welcome to:

Aaron Lim, Anthony Burridge, Bernie Trinne, Danial Ireland, Daniel Ferguson, Darren Mccallum, Darryl Butler, David Taylor, David McMicken, Don Mackenzie Ofiaza, Drew Holloway, Ethan Bowden, Glenn Bernardin, John Sullivan, Harry Balaj, Haylen Duncan, Isaac Button, Jordan Bretherton, Josh Mu, Kai Barrett-McGuin, Mark Bunnett, Maurice O'Riordan, Max Higgins, Paul Turner, Will Nery.

The Cast and Creative Team were asked a few questions about being a man. Click here to read what they said.

Aged 12 to 70 (something), they will get to show off their stuff in this year’s full length production from August 11th - 20th. Set to perform under the canopy of Frog Hollow’s park trees, Tracks’ all male cast will perform original choreography to ask: ‘what makes a man?’. Led by home grown dancers Josh Mu, Aaron Lim, Jordan Bretherton and Will Nery they will explore four states of manhood – transition from boy to man, the man's ‘prime time’, muscle strength factor and ageing in the skin of men.

Click here for more information about our Man Made production.