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  • 23/11/2012

    Tracks is offering an opportunity for choreographers and dance artists to
    use the dance studio space at Tracks Dance, free of charge, to work on a new
    contemporary dance ideas, either through research or development. The
    program is a response to the ongoing challenge of access to space for the
    development of dance practice.

    Hours for rehearsal will be organised in consultation with the company
    around its scheduled working periods. Although there is no requirement to
    have a presentation at the conclusion, we strongly encourage a showing of
    the work developed to encourage feedback from peers and audience.

    This residency is not for commercial practice, such as classes or for
    rehearsals for funded projects. Dance artists of all backgrounds are
    encouraged to apply.

    Eligibility: Contemporary dance artists pursuing an innovative practice are eligible to

    Availability: Tracks Dance Studio currently has some time available from January 1st 2013
    until March 31st.

    Criteria: Successful artists are chosen on the basis of the quality and innovation of
    work, and the potential benefits to the applicant and to the broader
    community. Decisions are ultimately subject to the availability of the

    The number of successful applicants will depend on studio availability and
    time requirements of applicants as well as;

    •        Calibre of artist / collaborating artists.
    •        Clear articulation of conceptual rationale and process.
    •        Benefit of receiving the Studio Residency at this point in the development
    •        of a work OR to developing their practice.
    •        Benefit to the broader community.

    Required Information: Proposals should address the applicant’s reasons for wanting to undertake
    the studio residency and an outline of their project (which may be simply to
    pursue independent studio practice, or cultural exchange opportunities,

    1. Proposal/outline of project (No more than one page),

    2. Preferred starting date and an estimate of studio time needed

    3. 1 page CV/bio demonstrating dance activity

    Additionally, a Work-In-Progress showing component will be offered to
    artists. This is an opportunity to invite industry peers, funding bodies,
    producers and general public.

    The deadline for proposals is: Friday 7 December 2012

  • 27/10/2012

    Leading up to this years Milpirri performance Tracks was once again resident at Lajamanu School. Each class from grade three upwards was involved, having one workshop per day over five weeks. Jess Devereux, Nick Power, Kelly Beneforti, and local Caleb Japanangka Patrick, led the dance workshops under the supervision Tracks Artistic Directors David and Tim.

    Classes were taught utilising dance techniques, including contemporary, break dance, street styles, and hip hop alongside basic drama training, to explore Warlpiri cultural themes and morals. This year the over-riding theme is Pulya Rani – the winds of change, and is based on a Dreaming where in order to create movement (in body and soul), to get unstuck, it is necessary to ask for help and create a wind that provides extra fuel and push for the fire.

    “Fire is the glow of life. The four winds – from North, South, East, West – control the fire, control us. Milpirri is the story that will ignite the fire of who we are.” - Steve Jampijinpa Patrick

  • 21/09/2012

    The Tracks team is currently in Lajamanu working with the community towards the Milpirri festival at the end of October. Have a look on our facebook page for some happy snaps

    Or go to Current Work to get all the details

  • 05/07/2012

    Last weekend we ran a 'work in progress' showing of the five new works to be inclued in Eight to Eighty, the architecture of age.

    Works were choreographed by Jess Devereux, Gary Lang, Kristy Rickert, Bryn Wackett, David McMicken, Tim Newth and cast.

  • 01/06/2012

    We welcome the cast of EIGHT TO EIGHTY - THE ARCHITECTURE OF AGE. Isaiah Balcombe, Clarissa Blum, Yasna Delo, Lotus Emblard, Jonathan Lokangaka, Jyotsnna Ranijithkumar, Yehani Wanigaratne, Tahnee Cvirn, Ashley Dougan, Ferdie Flordeliza, Annaleigh Greenwood, Jake Kunde, Bennett Muller, Kiara Musco, Venaska Cheliah, Lauren Campbell, Darren Edwards, Ruttiya McElroy (Suansri), Kristi Renfrey, Theeradet (Teddy) Suphannabutt, Nirudya Saranga Alwis, Lailah A. Masiga, Thevi Chelliah, Ellen Hankin, Rosa Norman, Bryn Wackett, Gary Lang, David McMicken, Chandrika Munasinghe, Brendon Cabury, Carmel Alderson, Darryl Butler, Antonietta Vanzella, Punny Vegter, Linda Mansour, Barry Thomson.


Latest News

For all of our most updated news and information 'follow' our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts.

Contact us today to find out how you can get involved with Tracks!