Men and Boomerangs

The 2018 Milpirri performance theme focuses on artefacts. Tracks has collaborated with the Lajamanu Warnayaka Arts Centre towards making sets of Milpirri artefact props; boomerangs for the men and clap-sticks and dancing boards for the women.

Twenty four men were active throughout the year painting sixteen sets of Milpirri artifact props which they will dance with in this year's Milpirri performance. They were supervised through the process by established Lajamanu artists. The artifact props were inspired by the Milpirri banners and they look fantastic!

To read more about the Milpirri Banner designs that have been painted on the props, search through the Milpirri Banner Home Page. The banners are like a coat of arms to the Warlpiri people of Lajamanu.

Male Painters:
Titus Jupururrla White, Lorenzo Jupururrla Lewis, Abraham Jupururrla Cook,  William Jakamarra Lewis, Bradley Jakamarra Rockman, Graham Japaljarri Mcdonald, William Jungarrayi Mcdonald, Derek Jungarrayi Ronson, Corey Jungarrayi Raymond, Duane Jungarrayi Gibson,  Brendan Jungarrayi Payton, Nicky Japanangka James, Demetrius Japanangka Sambo, Dylan Japanangka Gordon, Gerald Robbo Japanangka, William Jampijinpa Patrick, Micky Jangala Donnelly, Dion Jangala Anderson and Lazarus Jangala Hargraves

Supervising Male Elders:
William Jakamarra Lewis, Richard Japaljarri Payton, Clifford Jungarrayi Mcdonald, Steven Japanangka Dixon, Steve Jampijinpa Patrick

Thanks to Anna Spencer, Ralphie Japangardi Dixon, Gerald Jampijinpa Watson and Louisa Erglis from Warnayaka Arts Centre and the artefact prop carvers from the Barkly region, particularly Joseph Williams.

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