Looking for local contemporary male dancers

Would you like to be a community dancer in Tracks' new show Man Made? You will learn new skills, create new friendships, get to dance alongside professional dancers and become a better performer by being a part of a Darwin Festival show (August 11 - 20).

We are looking for a cast of up to 25 community members, made up of young (16 and above) male Break Dancers and contemporary dancers, and older males over 40. The cast will work with choreographers Aaron Lim, Kelly Beneforti and David McMicken and under the direction of the Tracks Artistic Directors David McMicken and Tim Newth.

Contemporary Dancers (aged 16 and over)
Choreographed by Kelly Beneforti and the participants.

Much loved dancer, choreographer and Tracks Dance Animateur Kelly will work with the group to create a new piece, SONS: Beneath layers of responsibility and expectation - social, familial, cultural - how do the sons of the world navigate the labyrinthine pathways of their own hearts and minds? This work exposes and explores the forces that push and pull on the values, desires and dreams of young men in the contemporary world. How does a mother's voice compete with a barrage of digital content? Or a father's hand with the lure of rebellion and revolt? How does each son pursue, confront or surrender to the challenges, risks, opportunities and conflicts that arise in his lifetime?

If you're keen to come and try out for this group, first click here to register.

Auditions will be held at 6:00 pm Wednesday May 10th, at Tracks Dance Studio, Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts, 56 McMinn St Darwin.

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