Our Company is our Community

Our company members are drawn from our community, rich with diversity in age, cultures, beliefs and styles. We celebrate intercultural and intergenerational differences, therefore focussing our endeavours on Youth, Seniors, Indigenous and Multicultural.

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Tracks has a long history of working with young Territorians to develop a stronger dance community able to work successfully within the often harsh conditions of the Northern Territory. Drawn from diverse backgrounds they bring to Tracks an array of dance styles. Tracks’ Development Program mentors and trains them to be the next contemporary cultural leaders, and they invigorate many of our major performances. Youth provide valuable intergenerational links into the broader community.

“Tracks has given me great opportunities that has let life take me on this path. 10 years ago I would never have thought to be in the position I am in now, and the only reason I can now make dance my full time career is because of the opportunities Tracks has given me to make the right choice.” 
Click here to read about B Boy and co-founder of the D*City Rockers, Aaron Lim.

“I come from a traditional Indian background I am trying to find my western contemporary style and how that sits in my body. I am interested in the contrast between styles. Tracks has given me a safe space to explore my current dance style and interest as well as a safe space to develop."
Read about Venaska Cheliah, who has a background in traditional Indian dance.

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Giving voice to Territory culture means creating work for, and about, all Territorians. Seniors are often overlooked for the ‘younger’ models, and yet they hold such valuable knowledge, wisdom and know-how. When it comes to maintaining, developing and passing on culture to younger generations, the role of the senior is invaluable. Some Territorian seniors have access to information held within one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

Tracks has a long-term relationship with two key groups of seniors: the Yawulyu ceremonial dancers of Lajamanu and the Grey Panthers.

“I come to dancing for me. It is my time to forget about everything else, and just be in the group. I love it.”
Click here to read about Ellen Hankin, who has performed over 100 times with the Grey Panthers.
“I felt inspired when I found a group that celebrated and empowered elderly performers … I’ve formed some wonderful friendships. The camaraderie and support we have for each other will last a lifetime.”
Read about Marg Lee, who has been a Grey Panther since 2004.

Hear members of the Grey Panther (seniors' dance troupe) talk about belonging to the group
Read a short history of the Grey Panthers

Read a paper written by David and Tim: Dance as a whole of life activity

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Darwin is distinguished by its high proportion of residents who have originated from other countries (over 30% have a language background other than English), a significant percentage of which are from South East Asia.

With proximity and a similar climate, locals tend to adopt lifestyle traits more in tune with South East Asia than with Australia’s south.

Tracks builds strong relationships by showing and giving respect to people, place and spirit, and integrating and fusing various cultures in recognition that our community is made up of people who view this not as strange, but as a simple fact of life.

“Your dance is in your body." 
Read about dancer, choreographer and founder of The Multicural Academy, Chandrika Munasinghe.
"I am so proud to extend this knowledge to the audience, particularly Darwin audiences because we are multicultural.”
Read about Director of the Balinese dance troupe Tunas Mekar Balinese Collective, Putu Desak Wati.

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The national population percentage of Indigenous Australians is under 3%. However, in the Northern Territory it is closer to 30%, with many living in remote communities and speaking languages other than English. In the Northern Territory we have direct contact with, and are influenced by, Indigenous cultures. Tracks seeks ways to understand and celebrate the many Indigenous cultures that make up contemporary Australian culture.

Tracks has a particularly strong relationship with the remote Warlpiri community of Lajamanu, 950 km south-west of Darwin. Since 1988, together we have developed works that share both Warlpiri and Western cultures. A major outcome of this three-decade collaboration is the Milpirri Festival, a biennial event that draws the whole community together.

"Everyone has to have this knowledge of living together. It's towards being Australian, what it really means to be Australian. Both Kardiya [non-Warlpiri] and yapa [Warlpiri] way"
Click here to read about Creative Director of Milpirri, Steve Wanta Jampijinpa Patrick.
"I have lived in Lajamanu all my life and have a lot of family here. I have worked with Tracks for many years and know Tim and David very well. With Tracks I have grown as a dancer. It has been good for me to gain more dance experience and develop my dancing in a supportive environment."
Read about Caleb Japanangka Patrick, a Warlpiri artist involved in all Milpirri Festivals as well as many other Tracks projects.

See some great portraits of the people involved with Milpirri over the years - Milpirri People

Read a short history of the long-term relationship between Lajamanu and Tracks Dance

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Voices of Tracks

Our community is rich with a diversity of age, cultures and beliefs. In order to celebrate these differences we focus our endeavours on Youth, Seniors, Indigenous and Multicultural.

Voices of Tracks - Youth


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Watch a video of emerging artists talking about being involved in the 2015 Choreographic program - Engine Room

Voices of Tracks - Seniors


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See a short video of the Grey Panthers in a performance called Future Age


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Veiw video of Putu Desak Wati and Chandrika Munasinghe (and others) talk about being involved in Hidden Meaning, a Tracks performances where four cultural dance groups reveal the stories behind their costumes


Click here to watch highlights of Milpirri 2016 performance in Lajamanu

Watch a documentary 'Winds of Change' the making of Milpirri on SBS ByDemand

Voices of Tracks - Artists


Click here to watch a video of David McMicken and Tim Newth talking about their company Tracks

Watch a video shot in Lajamanu of a residency between Kelly Beneforti and Caleb Japanangka Patrick

Read about Kelly Beneforti and her work with Tracks

Voices of Tracks - Donors


Judy supports the company in many ways. Click here to read Judy's story

Voices of Tracks - Audience


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